Apr 16, 2013

Mother's Day Poster (Free Download)

Just the other day I was walking up our stairs with Little by my side. As he often does, he reached out with his sweet little hand and grabbed my hand. Tightly he holds on, at first for stability but then it turns into simple sweet hand holding. 

I glanced down at his precious glasses-clad cherub face. My heart was immediately happy and filled with so much love. A Momma's Love.

Then I had the fleeting thought, he won't always want to hold my hand like this.

No, he won't. Someday he will be a little bigger and hand holding with his mom won't be necessary or cool. And that is okay. He has to grow up. They all do.

But for now he does want to hold my hand. He happily and eagerly does.

So I will keep on holding his little hand while he will let me. And I will hold it even after we have safely made it up the stairs, across the road, or through a crowd.

It is totally true, that a momma holds their children's hands for just a little while.

So I will cherish teeny tiny hand holding while I get it.

Between all this love, and warm and fuzzy feelings overflowing, and the fact that Mother's Day is quickly approaching I decided I wanted to make a poster with this saying I found.

This saying really captured all of the tender Momma feelings I had experienced while walking Little up the stairs. 

This poster would make a lovely Mother's Day gift

You can print it as a poster and frame it, or print it smaller and make it a magnet. Oh the endless possibilities.

You can also do what I did and print it and put in your house to remind you of all your warm and fuzzy feelings.

I hope you enjoy this print and that it helps with your Mother's Day gift giving.

Just right click on the image and save the jpeg to your computer.
Then you can print if off as large as an 11x14.

Happy hand-holding with your little ones.
Happy Mother's Day.


Maggie and Sheepie said...

I just thought about this quote the other day. My Mother-in-Law gave me a plaque with it a couple years ago. A very dear friend just lost one of her baby twins last week and I thought I might do something with this quote for her. What a great Mother's Day idea.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thank you. I hope this helps in anyway in such a sad circumstance.


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