Apr 3, 2013

WINNER: Firmoo Glasses Voucher

I am finally stopping by and announcing the winners of the Firmoo Glasses Voucher GIVEAWAY...


I have SIX vouchers to give away, so there are SIX winners.

The winners are:

83. Corrie Hummer Gibson
53. Dezi Allen
34. Andrea Jones
7. Natalie
18. Jessica Williams-Boling
78. Willy Vh 

Congrats. I will be contacting you by email and sending you the 
voucher code. So excited for you and your new stylish glasses.

In Charlie Brown Party News...
I am whittling down list items one at a time and 
we are getting closer  to the party date.

I am excited to show you some of the features of this party.
I hope you are excited to see them...
humor me...
just say, "why yes, yes of course we are!"

Love ya all!
Have a great day.


Melanie said...

"why yes...of course we are" :)

Congrats winners

The Gibson's said...

YEAH I won so excited I better go check my spam folder because I have not seen anything. Can't wait to be stylin'

The Allen Family said...

Wow! Thanks!! I was seriously thinking I needed a new pair of glasses! YAY!!


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