Aug 30, 2013

What is Your SuperPOWER? {A Teacher Gift}

We have still not gone back to school around here.

We are close though. Oh. So. Close.

Supplies are bought.
Clothes are picked (by me of course, I mean I do have boys so they don't care what they wear).
Back to school night attended.
Teachers met.
PTO assignments started.

This year I am super excited for my PTO responsibility.

Teacher Appreciation.

I love me some some teacher appreciation. I love great teachers and I love coming up with creative ways to cheer teachers on.

Previously, I have just done things for my kid's teachers, but this year I get to pamper all the teachers.

I wanted to start the school year off right with a little Welcome Back to School gift.

One of my favorite teacher tag lines is "I am a teacher, what is your superpower?" I first heard it years ago when my SIL, who is a teacher, told me about it.

So I that is where my inspiration came from.

For my POWERade What is SuperPOWER? Teacher Gift.

I picked out red and blue Powerade, because well those are pretty awesome superhero colors.

I made some coordinating tags.

I made a chalkboard sign and a superhero tag. I used PicMonkey, because well I love them. AND because they have a new "School U" full of all kinds of schooltastic tools, overlays, edits, and fonts. Goosh, I love it all.

I made the red tag and the black chalkboard to go with the red Powerade. The blue tag and the green chalkboard go with the blue Powerade. I actually printed them off like photos, but they would also print great from your home computer.

I have the images for you here on the little old blog. Just click the image and download to your computer. Then use a word type document to print off as many as you need.

I bought coordinating straws. Yes, yes, I do really like things to coordinate. I kind of geek out over coordinating colors.

I cut out the tags. Hole punched them and then tied them on to the bottle with, why yes that would be piece of coordinating fabric.

There ya have it.

20+ Welcome Back to School gifts for our teachers.

I also made a couple of teacher gifts just from the boys' to their teachers. I will share soon!

Happy Back to School!


Dream Come True said...


I really like your blog - you have inspired me to finally have a go myself. Just wanted to say hi. I would love it if you would take a peak at

I'm making your felt fish this evening for my friend's daughters birthday on sunday, so I thought I'd pop a note while I'm online to fetch the printable!

Enjoy the start of school!

ColleenandKendra said...

What an awesome gift!!! They will LOVE it! :-)

Corrie- said...

You will ROCK teacher appreciation! What a great way to start the year. Happy New School Year!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks ladies!

Dream Come True, you are so sweet, and I am excited to come and check out your blog!


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