Dec 19, 2013

Project Homemade Christmas Present: Baby Doll Basket {from MADE pattern}

This might be my favorite present that I made this year. I know I said that about my Avengers Hand Puppets too. A tough race going on here with Project Handmade Christmas Present.

Seriously though, between the fact that I hardly ever get to sew for girls AND how unbelievably cute this fox flannel is, I think this project just barely beat out the Avengers.

When I first saw the pattern for this Baby Doll Basket by Dana from MADE, I kind of died and it was one of those rare times that I was immediately a little sad there are no little girls around these here parts.

I was sad that I had no reason to buy the pattern.

Then I was all like, "Wait! Uh, I have nieces and it is almost Christmas!"

Then I did a happy jig.

Then I bought the pattern.

Be prepared, there is more jig dancing to follow.

I found the fox flannel and this pink houndstooth flannel at JoAnn's. More jigging done here. Yup, right there in the store.

I was a little nervous to start the project. While I am not a sewing novice, I am HORRIBLE at following patterns. They get me all anxious and my tummy goes all wackadoo. I seriously get so worried I am going to mess everything lovely fabric in particular.

Oh, I was worried for nothing. Dana makes this pattern so clean and easy to follow. The pattern is easy to print and put together. The pictures that follow along with the written instruction are crisp and amazing (as her photos always are).

In no time, I had a finished project that made me clap and giggle...and yes do another jig. Cutest little Baby Doll Basket ever.

Before I shipped it off to one of my nieces, I wanted to snap some pictures of it. Surprise, surprise.

Funny thing. I don't really have any baby dolls at my house. That made taking pictures a little difficult. Upon searching, I found my old Cabbage Patch doll. Perfect. Oh wait, she has no clothes, and I figured it would be all new levels of crazy if I sewed this doll clothes just for a photo shoot.

Then I found the only real dolls we have around here. The plastic, muscled-out, not messing around, save the world type dolls.

He was not altogether pleased with the idea of going into a froo froo bed, not matter how comfortable I told him it was.

Then this sweet puppy volunteered.

He was feeling pretty tired and was really hoping for a cozy place to sleep.

So I tucked him in all cozy. Whispered, "good night" and then snapped some pictures.

Perfect. Thanks Puppy! (Look for a past Project Handmade Christmas Present starring this puppy HERE.)

I can't say enough about how awesome this pattern was. I am SO happy I bought it. I am excited to make more. Dana has done such a great job with this pattern and it is a great price. I highly recommend going and purchasing this. No one is paying me or reimbursing me to say this. I honestly just love it and think you all should own it.

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Jen said...

That is adorable! I love the fabric you chose too. We miss you guys.

Cuddleskissesnchaos said...

I can't even tell you how much you've inspired me. I absolutely love all your crafts and projects. This doll basket is so adorable!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Miranda!! You are so sweet!

Janey Millar said...

This is so gorgeous! Would love to make one for my little Boo, but I can't find the pattern! The links don't work and it does not appear to be on Dana's site either! Can you help please?
Thanks and Happy New Year too


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