Jan 3, 2014

Top Ten 2013 Projects

Earlier this week I shared the Top Ten Recipes of 2013. Since this is more than just a recipe blog, I just couldn't leave all my projecting out of the 2013 wrap up. After all, they would be so sad and lonely to be left out.

We can't have that!

I had a fun time going through and seeing what you guys (and Pinterest) made the Top Ten Most popular projects. Several of these little projects were my favorite of the year too. So I am kind of super happy you like them too.

Let's start the recap shall we!!

 I love a good bow tie on a handsome little man. I actually have previous tutorial for a
Dapper Little Man Bow Tie. So this is my second bow tie tutorial. 
I just can't seem to stop the bow tie love.

 My kids loved this activity.

This was one of my favorite projects this year.
That insanely adorable face doesn't hurt either.

Speaking of cute faces. This little man might
have been the wearer of my other favorite project this year...
Spoiler alert...he is going to appear in pretty much all my favorite projects.

Tips and tricks were big this year.


Here is my most favoritest project this year. 
Go and see how cute this shirt looks on my glasses wearing cherub.

I had fun with Valentines in 2013!

Just one of the many projects that I used PicMonkey to make.
I heart PicMonkey!!

The number one viewed project this year, was this Charlie Brown Birthday Party.
Who doesn't love Charlie Brown?

I took last year a lot slower, with a lot less projecting and blogging. I felt like I didn't do much last year, it was fun to go back and see the tad bit I did do. Made me feel a little more productive.

Thanks for a great year! I hope you will continue hanging out with me over 2014.

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