Jan 2, 2014

WOTY 2014: Confidence

Having a Word of the Year is kind of the new way to resolution...do you like how I just made resolution a verb.

Like, let's get to resolutioning. Or, it is a new year, shall we resolution?

WOTY (Word of the Year...I am sure you didn't need me clarifying that for you, but just in case) is a way to umbrella a lot of resolutions into one grand and glorious resolution.

Last year, you know two days ago, I didn't have a WOTY, and it didn't bother me.

For this new year, I have really been thinking a lot about it. Recently, I feel I have been lacking some direction in the personal growth area. When I got to thinking about a WOTY, I decided that this year I really wanted one to help me focus on good things.

Good things about life around me and good things about myself.

I went back and forth between two different words. Both spoke to a struggle I feel that has plagued my life for...well EVER...but a lot in the last several years.

So it is personal and sensitive and sharing it with you guys is kind of a big deal, to me any way.

I vacillated between content and confidence.

I finally landed on CONFIDENCE.

Keeping it real moment: I am not a confident person.

I struggle every day with confidence in myself. I struggle with confidence in my abilities, my parenting, my wifeering (making up verbs all over the place today), my appearance, my likability, my intelligence, my projects, my blog...

...okay, you get it. The list could go on for awhile.

Part of that is plagued by comparing myself to others, which is why I almost chose the word CONTENT.

When I realized my contentment was based on my confidence in myself, confidence became the winner for WOTY.

Now, I am really lucky. I have people around me who have more confidence in me than I do. I am so grateful to them and the love and support they give me. It is a darn good thing my husband is a therapist, and a fabulous one at that. It is a darner gooder thing that he is awesome and loves me so much. I am also grateful for my phone life line...you know who you are...what would I do if I couldn't send a photo to you of the outfit I am wearing to make sure I don't look like a royal goober?? Then there is my long-distance cheering squad and my near by one. So many people.

Like I said, I am lucky. My lack of confidence is not a reflection of the love I have from great people. I have lots of love and reassurance.

However, now it is time for me to give them a break. They have got to be exhausted.

So this year, I will strive to have more CONFIDENCE with myself and in myself.

I will have CONFIDENCE in--

how i look
being physically strong
the body God gave me
what I know
being a Momma
being a wife
 what I create
my friendships
what I have to offer

My own CONFIDENCE is only part of my WOTY goal for 2014.

I know I am not alone. I am not the only person who lacks confidence in herself. It makes me sad to think of how many great and marvelous people there are out there who don't feel as wonderful as they are.

Is that you? I hope not. But, if it is you, let's work on being confident together.

In 2014, I also want to help others around me have CONFIDENCE in themselves.

A CONFIDENCE lovefest if you will.

I was recently studying my scriptures. I was reading about how much we are loved by our Father in Heaven and how highly He regards us. I came to a part that talked about if we love another we will feel love for ourselves as well.

It struck me with so much truth.

I think the same can be said of CONFIDENCE, because what is confidence in oneself, but love and understanding of our self.

This year, I hope to build CONFIDENCE in others and, in turn, myself. I hope to stop the comparing and start the celebrating.

Here is to a happy and CONFIDENCE filled 2014.

P.S. Thanks for letting me share all the personal stuff with you!

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Adrienne said...

Just from reading your blog over the years I would never have thought that you were lacking in confidence. I am the same way and I'm sure most women are. At times I think, "Oh, I don't care what other people are thinking." It's always in the back of your mind though...that whole comparing yourself to others thing. You just can't let it control you and you have to be yourself. I don't know you personally but I think you have it all together :-)


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