Jan 26, 2014

Sign Language I Love You T-Shirt

Okay, time for another installment of Valentine's Day Shirts of 2014. I have already shared the Hashtag Valentine's Shirt and the Be Mine Minecraft Valentine's Shirt.

Today I am sharing this Sign Language I Love You shirt.

I really kind of love it. Okay so I totally love it.

This shirt reminds me of my mom. All growing up she would shoot us the sign for I Love You from across the room. All my siblings and I were accustomed to having mom send us a silent I love you. She still does it to this day. Now we are passing the token of love to another generation.

When I decided I wanted to use this idea for a shirt, it was pretty easy deciding who should get the sign language shirt. This guy right here.

In preschool, he spends a bit of time learning sign language for certain words. He is always really excited to come home and show us what he has learned.

He thought his shirt was pretty cool.

I chose to do a silhouette of the sign for I Love You. Then for design purposes...i.e. I thought it needed a little something more...I added the bracketed interpretation of the sign.

For the majority of the shirts I make I used Hanes shirts bought at The Mart. I buy all of my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I heart that site and I have nothing but good works to say about their product and their customer service.

I created the design with text and clip art. Cut it out, easy peasy on my Silhouette SD (someday I will get the upgrade and go Cameo).

I put it on Little. Handsome and adorable glasses-wearing Little.

Now he is all set for Valentine's Day and ready to melt a few hearts.

Including mine.

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

This is such a cute shirt!
I love sign language.

Your little boy is so cute!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Melissa!!!

SStockhoff said...

I love that kid/shirt! The shirts are all so awesome. :)

Unknown said...

I posted a picture of this shirt as a Valentine message to our daughters living far away. This "sign" is always our "I love you" message...from airplane windows, from the crowd at graduations, etc. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I love this. Totally perfect idea for my 1st grader. He does this every morning when the bus leaves for school. Do you mind sharing what font you used for the [i love you]?


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