Apr 23, 2014

A Robot Birthday Party

It is about to get all Robot-tastic up in here.

Robot Birthday Party fantastic that is.

This little Robot Birthday Party for Little marks the end of my birthday party throwing season.

Whew is all I have to say. Oh, and can I get an AMEN!

I do love to throw parties, but by the end I am run down a little and I look forward to a little party planning break.

Before I sign off on my birthday party madness I want to show you our Robot Birthday Party.

Warning, there is a photo overload, but that is quite simply because there is a cuteness overload.

I got my color scheme from the robot place settings that I bought from Target a few months ago. Once I had the colors, I went a little crazy with the orange, turquoise, lime green, and navy blue. One of my favorite features were these turquoise folding chairs I got on clearance at Ikea.

I used a lot of fabric and paper in my decorations. Two things that are really easy to find.

This garland was a hodge podge of geometric shapes and print outs of robots. For the robots I downloaded a robot dingbat font. I sewed them all together.

The robots found themselves on top of a very simple square cake.

There were all kind of edible robot bits.

I was even feeling a little brave and served some bright blue punch in this AMAZING glass Aladdin jar pitcher which I picked up from The Mart.

Oh, these Circo robot glasses from Target really started it all. Ack, they are so cute.

These polka dots are pretty cute themselves.

One of the activities the kiddos did was building robots. I made rice krispie treats in a sheet pan and then cut them into squares and rectangles. Then I dipped them in color chocolate.

Each kiddo got to pick their colors. Then they got to build their own robot.

There was a lot of concentration.

Oh how cute are these robot builders?!

Little was pretty overjoyed wit his party. Here is another photo of him in his Mr. Roboto T-shirt. Just because I can't handle his cuteness.

Here is the party kids after they played a giant game of Robot Memory.

What a fun way to wrap up our birthday season.

Now pardon me while I go take a nap.

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Michelle said...

You always do the funnest and cutest parties! You are so creative!


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