Apr 16, 2014

Mister Roboto T-Shirt

Anytime I think anything robot, I sing these words to the oh-so-famous 80's song. The Robot Birthday Party we just threw was no exception, and I found it necessary to incorporate the well known words onto a t-shirt for Little to wear to the party.

Funny thing is I have actually never heard the whole song. I just know these words and upon singing these words I find it absolutely necessary to break out not only my robotic voice, but also my robotic dance moves. One really can't be done without the other.

So while making this shirt, there was an awful lot of robot singing and dancing.

This led to Oldest having a thought or two.

None of which were how awesome and unbelievably cool his mom is. What does he know anyway?

One of the thoughts he had was, "What the heck is this song?" Another one that he voiced quite readily was, "Uh, I don't think that is a real song."

With indignation we let him know "It is too a song!" No we did not stick our tongues out at him, though it was tempting.

Then Hubby played it for him.

That is when it was determined by all that the song was pretty stinkin' weird.

Oh well, that certainly did not stop me from using the phrase for this Mister Roboto T-shirt.

Here are the quick details about this shirt.

I like to buy my plain t-shirts at Walmart...aka The Mart. The Mart has a great selection of Hanes t-shirts and they are under $4.

The vinyl for the shirts is flocked heat transfer vinyl, and I buy mine from Expressions Vinyl. I love this blue color, but you will want to make sure to wash it inside out in cool water (otherwise it can bleed).

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the words and the robot. The words are in the font bauhaus. The robot image is also actually a font. It is a Robot dingbat font that I downloaded to my computer. I went through the alphabet and picked a dingbat that I like most.

After this dingbat of course.

 The result was this very cool Mister Roboto T-shirt on this pretty cool kid.

Stay tuned for some more fun projects from Little's Robot Birthday Party, including a party wrap up.

Thanks for stopping by.

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

Your little boy is so cute! =)
Love this T-shirt idea!

SStockhoff said...

Cute idea! Super cute kiddo!


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