Apr 18, 2014

Mr. Robot Stuffed Toy

Of all the parts of our recent Robot Birthday Party, these Mr. Robot Stuffed Toys that I made for our party guests to take home were my absolute favorite.

My. Favorite.

Years ago one of my Little Misters actually got a robot sewn from this same pattern for a birthday present. I loved everything about it, and he loved it too.

So fast forward a few years to when Little asked for a Robot party, I immediately remembered the robot toy we already had. I wanted to make more. Lots more.

So I went and bought the pattern from the amazing Wee Wonderfuls. The pattern is the Spaceboy and Robot pattern. Such a stinkin' cute pattern.

I love that it allowed me to gather a bunch of different fabrics that all coordinated with my party colors.

Every little detail of this robot is the cutest. From the antenna on top of the cheery head, to the little claw arms.

One of my favorite parts of this pattern is the opportunity for me to embellish the "control board" however I wanted. I trimmed. I stitched. I scrapped. I buttoned.

Funny thing though, I had a little duh moment.

As I was decorating for the party and getting all the last minute things ready, Little came in and looked at the robots and loudly declared, "Mom! You forgot their eyes!"

Say What?!

Why yes I did.


In fact, I not only forgot the eyes, but I also forgot to stitch on the little mouth.

Eek. With 30 minutes before guest arrived I decided to forgo the little smirk mouth and to hot glue on the eyes instead of sewing them on. Hehehe. A girl does what she has to.

Oh, but I love them so much. This pattern is perfect and allowed me to make the perfect thing to give our party guests to thank them for coming to our Robot Birthday Party.

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