Dec 5, 2014

Christmas Thank You for the Garbage Man

This Christmas we are trying to think of more opportunities to show kindness to those around us. We are trying to think of who we can thank or serve. It is our Christmas of Kindness.

This week we decided to serve our Garbage Men. They work super hard. They work in the cold, the heat, and here, in the WIND. They heft our garbage filled cans. They heft our grass filled cans.

Basically, they are amazing.

To thank them we put together these gift bags.

First I went to my ever faithful PicMonkey and made this graphic for our Christmas Thank you to our Garbage Men. How stinking adorable is that abominable snowman? I just adore PicMonkey's Christmas overlays.

I printed off the graphic onto brown paper lunch sacks. You can find my tutorial on how to print on a lunch sack HERE. You can also just print this off on a piece of paper and make a tag.

Since I have an obsession with matching colors, Crunch bars were a must.

I also had some blue striped washi tape sitting around.

Another fun feature to this Christmas thank you, was the batting I used inside to mimic snow. The purpose was double fold. The batting also helped the bag stay upright.

Hopefully we make the day of some Garbage Men.

We have a couple more Christmas Service ideas in our Christmas of Kindness 2014 and I am excited to share them with you.

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