Apr 7, 2015

Simple Dinosaur Birthday Party



You know what that means?

Well, Roar is dinosaur for Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday in particular to this cutie pants.

In case you didn't know, an almost three year old can be very specific in his birthday party desires. He was very adamant that he wanted a dinosaur party, a blue Tyrannosaurus Rex to be specific. Fortunately he was completely satisfied with this Simple Dinosaur Birthday Party instead.

Now, before anybody says anything about the "simpleness" of this Dinosaur Birthday Party, let me just defend that whole simple title.

This party was thrown together in very little time with very little preparation. The most time consuming part of this party are these little dino-topped cupcakes and they weren't even that hard. These cupcakes were made from a cake mix. I used my favorite buttercream recipe. I probably should share that sometime, huh?

I topped them with coordinating chocolates. Then I made cupcake toppers from paper straws, painted mini dinosaurs, and washi tape.

Speaking of paper straws, I also used them for the drinks. The drinks you ask...well my friends I simply opened up a couple of bottles of Gatorade (of course they color coordinated) and poured them into mason jars.

The color coordinating just kept on going.

With this little close up of the fabric, I should probably give a little shout out to the star of the show and the basis for the rest of the party decoration. I found this dinosaur fabric at JoAnn Fabric, and what you can't see is that it has blue T-rexes all over it. I refer you back to the birthday boy's previous request.

So the fabric was a must, and everything coordinated with it.

Besides color coordination, another simple part of this party was my simple focal wall decorations. Balloons are the cheapest and easiest way to decorate. Even if you don't inflate them with helium. I use balloons all the time.

All. The. Time.

This time I simply blew them up, tied yarn to them, bunched them up with some tissue pom poms (another favorite of mine) and hung them from the ceiling. I also added a paint chip banner and a banner I made by sewing napkins together. Yeah, I am pretty resourceful like that.

So for this Simple Dinosaur Birthday Party I literally threw some fabric on the table, blew up some balloons, made a few banners, and put out some food.

Like I said, simple.

Again, these babies were the hardest part. They may be my favorite too.

So,  see simple.

Simple, but the birthday boy loved it and that is all that matters.

Number three birthday, dinosaurs. Number two birthday, football. Number one, fiesta. That is a whole lot of party in three years. I guess he is worth it.

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Melanie said...


P.S. Your simple makes my elaborate seem like chump change. :) ha ha ha.... Love you Larissa! You are awesome!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Melanie. By the way, nothing you do is chump change my friend!


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