Apr 15, 2015

Spider-Man Birthday Party

From October until the middle of April things are crazy with a side of CUH-razy. Most of it is the good, fun kind of crazy. The biggest contributing factor to all the crazy, besides the obvious I have four loud boys thing, is that three of those four boys have birthdays within six weeks.

This Spider-Man Birthday Party ends that three birthday run. I am doing a happy little dance now.

Funny story about this party. Sometimes I get an idea for a party in my head. An idea that I fail to run by the actual birthday boy. Most of the time I can convince them of my wonderful idea.  So when Little came to me and wanted a Spider-Man birthday, I wasn't worried that my idea was different. He would come to my side. I just knew it.

I was so cocky confident that I planned my party, I bought a few things, and I made an entire Paint Me Happy Birthday pinboard. I just kept plugging away with my planning regardless of how many times I kept hearing the name Spider-Man.

What a silly, silly mom I am.

I just couldn't deny that this sweet birthday boy of mine wanted a Spider-Man party. Unfortunately I had this motherhood epiphany just a week before his party was supposed to happen.

So I just kind of held on and went into party mode at 100 miles an hour, and somehow we got a Spider-Man party.

There was a whole lot of blue and red.

A few weeks ago I shared on Instagram (you should probably follow me @larissa_anotherday) a little snippet of a simple family Spider-Man party  we threw for him. I used a lot of the things from that party. In fact, I just kept the banners hanging up in my dinning room for two weeks.  I am lazy like that.

My favorite thing used in both parties was this pretty sweet Spider-Man pinata.

So the Spider-Man also stayed in my dining room for two weeks just sitting right there on the table. I pretty much just kept him there to keep scaring the crap out of Oldest. It was hilarious. That thing scared him every time. Every. Time. Hilarious.

I paired character paper products with color coordinating paper products. Like I said, there was a whole lot of red and blue.

I made these cupcakes an hour before the party. Thank heavens for PicMonkey and the sweet superhero overlays they have. I was able to make these super fast cupcake toppers.

Since I had planned all the activities for a painting party, I had a hard time coming up with activities for this party. Luckily I found this amazing Spider-Man download.  The kids cut it out and put it together with brads.

A Spider-Man party wouldn't be a true party with out some silly string turned web. There was some serious web shooting going on. Look for the download for this Spidey Web later this week.

For the boy superheroes I made t-shirts and for the girl superheroes I made tutus. Could you die?

I mean. Could. You. Die? So cute. It really is a shame I don't get to make frilly things more often.

A good time was had. Treats were eaten.

Next time I will listen to the kid from the beginning so I don't have to sweat pulling together a party in such a rush. Eh. Who am I kidding. I am going to sweat no matter how much time I have to pull together a party.

Party season is done. Now I can rest until October.

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