Jul 1, 2015

Lunch Thank You Basket (with Printable)

When one goes out of town for a week and one foists ones children on her friend, a gift of gratitude is necessary. Especially if one has FOUR boys. That is a lot of foisting happening right there.

My gift was actually less of a gift for her and more of a gift of sanity. I decided to put a bunch of lunch fixing into a giant basket. I figured if she was willing to watch my boy I should probably provide lunch for all the children.

I grabbed a cute and inexpensive plastic beach tote and I loaded it up with lunch stuff. Stuff like bread, lunch meat, chips, apples, lemonade, and cookies.

Then I made a tag and attached it to my basket.

Right click on the tag above, save it to your computer and then print if off on card stock.

This is such a fun and easy way to thank a friend for watching your kids.

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