Jun 30, 2015

Camping Is In Tents T-Shirt

You know how I just got back from Girls Camp? Well this shirt was my pride and joy of the camping trip. I have been wanting a Camping is In Tents t-shirt for at least a month. Puns are the bestest. Girls Camp seemed like a perfect opportunity to make myself one.

I literally made this shirt up the day before I left. I probably should have vacuumed or cleaned a bathroom (or two). Instead I made this shirt.

Then I dressed it up with my new Camp Pants (as previously seen on Instagram @larissa_anotherday) and I made my husband take pictures of my stellar camping outfit. All of this done before I actually went camping.

I am pretty awesome like that.

Here is the image I made using PicMonkey. I made my shirts image by using geometric overlay tool to make the tent and the trees. The font is High Tide Sans, from my computer. That is the great thing about PicMonkey, you not only have their fonts to choose from, but you can also use the fonts from your own computer.
Image is for personal use only

Right click on image and save to your computer. You can trace the image onto freezer paper, cut out, and paint on to a t-shirt. Or you can save the image and use it in a vinyl cutting machine. Just make sure to reverse the image before cut it out. 

I used vinyl on a simple men's Hanes t-shirt.

This shirt was ultra dreamy. It was also quite the hit at camp.

We have several more camping trips planned for the Summer, and this outfit will most likely appear at every one of them. Sorry husband (he is not that fond of the pants). I just can't seem to help all that style whilst I rough it in the woods. By rough it I mean sleeping in a camper.

Hope you enjoy the shirt as much as I do. Which, if you couldn't tell is a whole lot. A lot, a lot.

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My Recent Favorite Books said...

I really like the shirt! =)
Its perfect for camping!

Melanie said...

Love it! It's awesome!


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