Aug 19, 2009

Dumpster Diving AND In the Works

Every day I wake up and make up lists of the things I need to get done and then the list of the the fun things I would like to get done.

Every night I go to bed with the list of things I need to get done only half-way done and the list of fun things I would like to get done sadly tossed aside waiting for yet another day.

I am in the works of trying to put together my first tutorial...I know we'll see if it happens.

I am in the works of finishing up some really cute projects to share.

I am in the works of editing some photos that I took of my kids in an I-wanna-be-a-photographer-moment.

"In the works" for me is turning into... "remember that fun thing you were going to do 2 months ago.."

BUT a time and a season. So while I wait for time to finish all my fun projects I will just be glad that the house is clean (sort of) the boys are happy (most of the time) and I am showered!

On the "boys are happy" note I will let you know that I have done something I have never done before...I took something from a recycling dumpster. Nothing antique-y or kitchy...but something that sure added to that "boys are happy" business.

I found this:

Reaction to my trash treasure (yes he is in his underwear):


JasonDebbie said...

Done feel white trash, I've done dumpster diving SO many times. I've gotten a kids art table, desk chair, kids time out chair, bookshelf, and kids scooter. So awesome.

JasonDebbie said...

I meant DONT feel white trash. I cant spell

Stockhoff Family said...

Way to go girl. One of our favorite toys was this silly smurf riding toy that I got that way. One mans garbage and all. Love Mom

Holly Wilcox said...

Welcome to the club.
I can't believe that was in the trash. NICE job.

Amanda said...

so awesome! Jack is totally going to be in heaven.


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