Oct 1, 2009

Here You Come Again...Birthday 101

Here you come again October, just when I'm about to pull myself together. You walk right in the door just like you've done before...okay you get it (I guess I am assuming everyone knows the repertoire of Dolly Pardon). Even though I have made lyrical reference to October returning like a lousy boyfriend...in truth I look forward in a crazy masochistic way to October coming.

The beginning of October marks the start of party/hostess season in the Zitzman household, and it is a long season folks, especially now that we have extended our season from ending in the middle of February to the end of March. To put the chaos into some perspective--from October through March we have (implied drum roll)
Jack's birthday, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, valentines day, Cole's birthday, my birthday, and now Case's birthday. That doesn't sound like much...but oh the little tidbits of fun and planning that I psychotically put into each one.

What I enjoy best is my kids' birthday parties. I have learned to do it somewhat cheaply. I have learned to take a little idea and brainstorm the heck out of it. My mind pretty much goes from end of current birthday to the next one planning and brainstorming the whole time. Sometimes the party revolves around the idea for the cake. Sometimes it revolves around an activity. There is always a theme.

As said earlier, October starts the fun off with Jack's birthday. After last year's dinosaur party, I actually wasn't sure what I was going to do. And then shock of shocks I actually took into account the idea that came out of the birthday boys mouth. He chose a Blue's Clues party. Well immediately my brain started coming up with activity options, decoration options, the invitation, the treats...oh the pistons in my brain were firing.

So now with only two weeks (way behind my normal schedule), I have started production of all my ideas.
Gather materials will craft.

The notebooks are the invites. They open up to show a different drawing on each of three pages (the three clues). One of Jack, one of balloons, and one of cake. The back page says, "we have all three clues" and then goes into the invite information. Made simply made from card stock, and a template that I drew, and red pipe cleaners twisted like binding.

The orange sweatshirt and fabric are for the making of Joe. Ahh yes Spencer that discussion we had on you maybe being Joe...there isn't a maybe anymore. Love ya.

The plastic table cloths are my go to, the main kernel of wisdom in my birthday 101. I use them in every party I do. They are CHEAP and they can be turned into almost anything. This party we are using them to make a mini life sized wall mural of Blue and Joe's House. A red one will also lead to the creation of a Thinking Chair.

Phase 1 in full swing. Phase 2-50 soon to follow. Can you just feel the excitement? I bet you can!


Holly Wilcox said...

Yay!! Can't wait to see it all done. Love your b-day parties.

Kinsey Pistorius said...

oh my gosh! it sounds perfect - and I just can't wait to see Spencer as "joe"... too funny!

tara said...

sounds great buddy...as always...you really are amazing. can i borrow that brain of yours for a just a day maybe, so i could possibly come up with something awesome for the holidays? we're headed to the pumpkin patch for luke's shindig. wish you were here to celebrate!

Amber said...

Wow. You are crazy creative! The party looks like its going to be awesome. I was wondering if you would mind if I put a link to your blog on my CollectivelyGenius blog. You have such fun ideas and good recipes.

Stockhoff Family said...

You are amazing! Love Mom

Lorie said...

Okay, those are so cute too! You did such an amazing job!


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