Oct 14, 2009


Ya know how in Jeopardy Potpourri is the category that is full of randomness...welcome to the post of randomness. A little what I am doing now and what we did recently...oh and don't forget a wee bit of crazy.

What we have done
Young's Dairy/Pumpkin Patch

Went to this farm about an hour away...it was initiated because it was a nice day to dabble in the whole photography thing...photography thing trumped by farm fun and BLUE ice cream.


Wanna Be Photog

I still did manage to get some cool photo shots amidst our farm fun and impromptu trip to the Air Force Museum. Again...notice the absence of Jack. He is just not having this whole photography thing.

Air Force Museum

Spencer has wanted to take the kids here for awhile. It is by the farm AND it is free so as in the words of Spencer, "That is a great price" so we went. The boys LOVED it.

What we (I) am doing

Living in a Hot Mess

Oh the mess. The humanity of it all. I live in filth for a good cause, right? That is what I tell myself to make myself feel better. I am pretty sure we haven't eaten a meal at the dinning room table for a week. Gasp! Slowly but surely all my plans are coming to fruition. Goodies bag- 90% done. Thinking chair- DONE (now hopefully I can keep the boys off it). Joe's shirt- done. Mailbox- done.

Side note...see what I mean about the plastic table cloths. Sure the thinking chair would have been a little neater with fabric...but that would have cost an arm and a leg. Two red plastic table cloths and some black duct tape...oh and don't forget the packing tape, does the job just marvelously.


Karen said...

Okay, Martha Stewart, I'm tired even looking at the pictures. You are amazing and I don't know where you find the energy or ambition. Your boys are very lucky! And Spencer, hang in there. haha

Stockhoff Family said...

Once again I am in AWE.. Love you darling girl. Mom

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Looks like you guys have been busy! Happy Early birthay to Jack...hope you got our card! :)

tara said...

its official. you are insane. just though i'd let you know in case you ever need to cop a plea after going on a rampage. love ya buddy. totally and completely lost in your ever-expanding creative beautiful shadow...but i love ya

ps we haven't eaten at the dining room table in a lot longer than that and not because i've got some ginormous craft project. more power to ya

Nyree said...

is there a nice way to say this? You are insane! In a good way...it makes me sick just looking at the things you get accomplished!

Abbie said...

Very cute pictures, especially of your three boys in the pumpkins.


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