Oct 26, 2009

Party Reveal Numero Uno

Short on time...and wits...these days. Taking a smidgen of a break from costume "throwing together" to gather my mind and decided to do that with blogging...the smartest idea...not sure. Maybe next time I will put up my feet and sip some crystal light.

Crystal light next time. This time I will post a wee bit of Jack's party.

Will say it again, plastic table cloths can be made into anything!

Blue's House

Thinking Chair
...with appearance from Side Table Drawer

Spencer...I mean Joe
so not everything can be made out of plastic table cloths


Dave Dyk said...

So awesome, larissa!! You've done it again! Happy Birthday, Jack!

Holly Wilcox said...

Wow! Are you sick of me commenting on every post?
You are just too awesome. I have never seen plastic tablecloths used so creatively.

Keri said...

ahh youre husband is such a trooper for wearing that shirt. thats great. wow youre right plastic table covers can do anything. wow they have magic powers. ill have to give them a try at our next party. your house is adorable way to go Super Mom. and im laughing at the crystal light. that goes way back to school. you lived off that sutff and still do. LOL

Kinsey Pistorius said...

that is just too cute! love all the creativity. I was thinking of y'all the other night when amazing race was on (Spencer always said y'all wanted to be on that show) when the guy was basically forcing the girl down the slide - I was freaking out for her and david was screaming at the tv, go down the slide! hilarious male/female views... but actually glad the globe trotters didn't get cut because we think they are funny. :)

Stockhoff Family said...

Seriously, can you get any more creative????? Spencer-great sport and nice shirt. I am so glad that Jack had fun at his party. Love you all. Mom

Nyree said...

the picture of spencer makes me laugh! Only a real man would wear that shirt and play a part in his kds party!! Totally awesome of you Spencer!


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