Feb 2, 2010

Love Lives Here Wreath

One idea from The Idea Room   a foam heart wreath, cutting out circles, running out of circles, another trip to the craft store for more felt, more cutting circles, oh and more cutting circles, some straight pins, a lot of sitting on the floor watching tv, and a strip of fabric LATER...

I finally have a Valentine's wreath for my door.

Her tutorial is pretty easy. Here are some tips--

Just keep cutting, you will need tons and tons of circles...I am going to guess I cut out 60-70...maybe more I grew delusional by the end.

If you want to do a fabric hanger instead of a ribbon one, find a strip of fabric about 6x30. Fold in half, right sides facing. Sew up side with 1/4 inch seam. Turn. Iron. Fold in top and bottom edges and sew another 1/4 seam. Loop around top part of heart and make a simple tie to go around your wreath hanger.

You totally still have time to make one of these...or hey plan ahead and make one for next year...it only took me eight years to put something on our door for Valentine's that declares to all--

Love Lives Here

I just want to give a special shout out to some more friendly bloggers who have given me some blog love over the blogoshpere. Thanks tons to Thirty Handmade Days (who right now is featuring my blogging friend Vanessa from V&CO). This site is a fun collections of crafting ideas. Also thank you to Collectively Genius for adding me to a valentine's craft post. This site is a great gathering place of ideas for moms. Go check out both of these sites.


Keri said...

very cute youre so creative and talented

ColleenandKendra said...

I love the pink. Sadly, I haven't got time to cut out the zillions of circles! Wanna make one for me? Just kidding, of course!! :-)

Amanda said...

Included your wreath in a Valentine's Day roundup tonight! I know my readers will love it!


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