Jun 15, 2010

Bib Necklace How-to Part 2&3

Sorry about saying yesterday that a recipe was coming today...
I told you my brain was FRIED. I seriously thought all day yesterday 
that today was Thursday. Recipe will be on its regular day TOMORROW. 

So I have made you all wait long enough! Thanks for your patience. My Littlest Man is still under the weather BUT at least he is sleeping a little better.

I know I originally said I was just going to do the one flower next, but since you all were so nice to wait...here is the whole rest of the tutorial to add to this tutorial. So go and make yourself one of these beauties and get ready for the compliments.

Bib Necklace How-to: Large and Small Felt Flowers

you will need:

white felt
decorative scrapbook brads (or beads)

Trace and cut out circles from white felt. Big circles are about 1 1/2" in diameter. Small circles are about 7/8 " in diameter. You will want 6-7 big circles and 8-9 of the small.

Cut all but one small circle in half.

On a scrap of felt, place and glue down 5 of your big half circles like so...

On top of that pattern, arrange and glue down 4 of your big half circles like so...

Arrange and glue 2 of your big half circles like so...

Arrange and glue 3 of your small half circles on top of the two big half circles. After bending the brad tabs back so that they can not be seen from the front, glue the brad in the middle of the flower like so...

Repeat the process with all smaller half circles to create a smaller flower.

Instead of the brad in the middle. Take one intact small circle and glue together like below picture. Then glue it into the middle of your smaller flower.

Cut out both of your flowers so none of the scrap felt shows.

Bib Necklace How-to: Assemble

You will need:

white felt
2 t-shirt strips left over from rosettes in first tutorial
hot glue
decorative scrap brads
completed flowers

Choose which brads you like best (I got these at a local craft store...Hobby Lobby).

On a larger piece of white scrap felt, arrange flowers and brads how you want them to look. Asymmetrical is a really in thing right now, so don't worry about trying to make it even.

Once you have everything arranged how you like it, hot glue all those flowers and brads down.

Cut out so the felt behind does not show.

Fold over the end of each t-shirt strap and glue down in the corners, like so...

Lightly outline your completed necklace front on another piece of felt. 

Cut out that piece of felt. Glue to the back of your necklace. This will hide the back and give it more stability.

Hey guess what? You are done. Isn't it lovely? Pretty easy too, huh?


Kristina Oppegard said...

Excellent! You are featured @ my blog for
Teach it Don't Preach it Tuesday!

Thank you can't WAIT to try this!

Wendy Aspinall said...

love this.... great how to thanks for sharing
~Wendy at Blissangles

Trees said...

I'm going to have to make this! Its adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Kristi said...

OMG. I love this so much! I am going to try to make one. Cross your fingers for me!

Amy @ A Place in This World said...

I'm linking up to you because I just created my own using your tutorial (I loved yours so much I had to do yellow too!)


concierge said...

thanks for the tutorial, i made one in purple with lace flowers, i got so many compliments! everyone was shocked that it was homemade! :)

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I am linking to this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com! beautiful!

Sholpana said...

Great job!
I was looking for this kind of necklace)
Thnx a lot!
XOXO Sholpana

Katia said...

This post really got my attention....wow thanks for sharing how to make them. I just got back from Brazil and they are very fashionable at the moment.

Juliana Michaels 17turtles said...

This is seriously cool! Thanks for the great tutorial!

Sam said...

We made your bib necklace at our last Craft Night and they turned out great. There's a picture of a miniature one I made for my 3-year-old on my blog. Thanks for the great tutorial!

Kristi said...

I have to send you a picture of it. I didn't have any felt, so I used an old diaper bag and used the vinyl. Yay!!!

Unknown said...

It's wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Ashley @ Hillbilly Princess Diaries said...

love this!! so cute.


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