Jun 6, 2011

The Abby Bag for Teacher

My blogging friend Vanessa, yes from THE V&Co is...well spectacular. You all share my sentiments I know. One of her most recent patterns available in HER SHOP is for the Abby Bag. The first time I saw her bag I knew I needed to have this pattern and make a bag.

I had the pattern for awhile and was waiting for some extra time to put one together. My motivation to make a bag became even greater when I started brainstorming what to get Oldest Little Man's school teacher at the end of the school year. I realized quickly that this would be a perfect thank you gift for his teacher. I mean if I were a teacher I would want it.

So material gathered, pattern printed off, and with excitement in the air, I started the Abby Bag.

Y'all, I finished it in a day. I love that kind of project. I so badly needed a sewing break with all this moving hubbub around here. This bag was the perfect break. In fact, I am already planning to make another one.

It really will be the perfect Summer tote.

You wanna know what else is great about this bag pattern??

It doesn't just make you one bag...it is reversible so it makes you TWO bags. Can I get a "Woohoo"!

AH, so lovely.

So go on over to her shop. Look around. Get yourself this pattern and make yourself a bag. I mean really, why the heck not!


Mila said...

This is adorable:)
If my sewing skills were up to par I'd try it out.

Tasha said...

It is fabulous. I think I need this pattern too. I just love it.

ColleenandKendra said...

Um. My birthday is Wednesday. Just sayin'.

LOVE it. And his teacher will love it too! GREAT teacher gift. Atta girl. Keep stayin' away from the mugs...


Amanda said...

so cute! Can we pretend I'm his teacher?! :)

V and Co. said...

LOVE how it turned out in stripes! Thanks for the love! Love ya back! ;)

Michelle said...

Great job! Love it! I want one!


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