Jun 22, 2011

Did Ya Miss Me?

Does it seem like I have forgotten how to blog? Whew what a crazy/fun week plus we have had away from home.

We are back, in body at least. My house was immaculate when we got home...however...it is a hot mess. now. Unpacking, laundry, and getting in the habit of cleaning up after one's children again is a heavy task indeed. Add all of that to the fact that we are getting ready to move and boy howdy I am barely treading water.

Our trip to Idaho was lovely. We didn't quite nail down a house yet, but hopefully it will all be final soon. We were able to see family and friends and enjoy some time child free. The Little Men had a blast in all of their respective babysitting gigs. Now we are home, at last. Home for a little while anyway.

This next month is going to be a juggling act. Our house is still for sale...anyone need a cute starter home to house your cute family??? We will be setting dates for move, finalizing plans, signing a mortgage, preparing for a cross country move with little ones, and most important we will be trying to spend every last minute with friends...sigh...sniff...sniff.

I do have plans to be around, but I hope for patience while it may not be so project, sewing, and crafty over here this month. Ya never know, I could pull out some things, but I just can't make any promises. I mean I love my sewing machine but I LOVE my friends and kiddos more, so the time will be theirs.

HOWEVER, I will still be posting recipes. I mean I can't stop cooking, right? I have some really yummy Summer recipes coming up that you will not want to miss.

Speaking of recipes...

I am now a food and recipe contributor over at Somewhat Simple

Somewhat Simple

She did a little intro to me today...WELCOME Somewhat Simple readers! I am super excited to be over there on her great site.

Look for my monthly recipe over there very soon!

As always, I love you guys. Thanks for coming by, staying awhile, and being a part of this little piece of my life.


Shanea said...

Hope you get a few minutes to relax with all that you have going on! Happy Summer!

Nyree said...

Hope everything falls into place my dear and I sure hope your house hunt is going better than ours :) Enjoy your family and friends... moving is too stressful to add crafts into the chaos. Good Luck on your next adventure.


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