Jun 10, 2011

Father Knows Best Tees

Does your dad have a few lines that he always says? You know his own little words of wisdom, or catch phrases, or yes even punch lines. Those sayings that if you said to a sibling, said sibling would be able to finish what you were saying.

My Dad has a TON of phrases that will always make me think just of him. He is a pretty laid back comical guy, so a lot of his sayings are the perfect mix of truth and humor. This year for a Father's Day gift I decided to put a couple of his famous phrases onto tees. Of course using my Silhouette...best toy ever.

Now, remember that I said my dad was a bit of a comedian when you see these shirts. They are highly hilarious and only sentimental in the fact that these phrases will always remind his children of him...in other words, these phrases aren't making a Hallmark card anytime soon.

First Dad Phrase: "Chili dogs only bark at night"

hehehe...pretty self explanatory

Second Dad Phrase: "I brought you into the world, I can take you out of it"

we heard this one whenever we sassed him...so basically we heard it A LOT rarely.

These shirts were super easy to make. They also were a lot of fun. 

Here is the breakdown of what I used just in case you guys were curious:
2 tees from Target
black and red heat transfer vinyl
fonts- hamburger heaven and BEBAS (both downloaded of the internet)
white knit scrap for hotdog shape

What does your father always say? Is he a funny guy? Is he more on the serious side? Use something he always says to make a personalized gift. 

My dad is going to LOVE this.


Adrienne said...

I love the chili dog shirt the best, lol :-) hey, your taquito recipe is awesome...so yummy and the fudgy brownies were a big hit, heard a lot of 'best brownies I've ever tasted'. also tried the homemade pizza recipe since I am a huge pizza fan and that turned out great too. thank you so much for sharing such great recipes :-)

Adrienne said...

Allie is my daughter's name, by the way, ha-ha. I changed it to my name :-)

Holly Wilcox said...

very cute and clever. My husband would love the chili dogs. It's kinda his thing to wear shirts like that!

valerie said...

Love the Chili Dog one!! Great shirt!

Heidi Dyk said...

I love this idea! Now I just need a silhouette machine. :-)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Adrienne, I am so glad all those recipes worked for you!

Thanks Holly, Valerie, and Heidi!

Foundinthe-ALI said...

Hahahah! this is great! I wish I would have seen this last week. My dad always said this to us. Then when my brother got to be taller than him he started saying "you may be taller than me but I can stick kick your @$$" :P


Unknown said...

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