Jun 8, 2011

School's Out for the Summer

Today was the last day of school. The last day of school is so bittersweet. Excitement for the Summer and a break from a schedule is looked forward too for sure, but the end of another year makes me so nostalgic. This year was especially bittersweet because it was Oldest Little Man's last day at this school. His very first school. Halls we are familiar with, teachers who know us. Friends. Yep, it was a bittersweet day for sure.

I hauled all the my Little Men to the school so that I could personally say thank you to Teacher and so that I could get a snapshot. Oldest's teacher this year was exactly the teacher I had hoped for. She was so sweet. She had a SUPER tough class this year with several tough kids. I know it must have been so stressful for her. She handled it very well. Oldest still thrived and learned and was a reading maniac.

When it was time for me to leave his teacher let me know that she told him one second grade teacher in Idaho is going to be a very lucky teacher. I agree of course, but it is nice to know that during a tough school year for this sweet teacher Oldest was a bright shining moment in often tough days.

Now we move onto the Summer. This is not going to be our typical Summer. Selling, moving, buying, packing, and saying good-bye are all on our agenda. In the middle of all this hopefully we will still find time to be lazy, swim, read, play, picnic, be with friends, bbq, and enjoy what is left of our last Summer here in Ohio.

Here is to Summer!

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