Jul 19, 2011

Change O' Clothes Bag Tutorial

Yesterday I was over at Lemon Tree Creations showing you have to make the Diaper Carryall for the Anti-Diaper Bag. Today I am showing you how to make this practical, yet adorable, little change o' clothes bag.

First before we get started, let me explain quickly what I mean by an anti-diaper bag...I have never been a huge diaper bag carrier. I prefer to have a really large purse and throw everything it it. This probably evolved because when I had my oldest oh-so-long ago the cute diaper bag purse really wasn't in existence. SO I just used my favorite purses. By the time they created this cute diaper bag, I had already gotten used to using my purses so I stuck with it.

A problem does arise from using one's purse. That cute purse of mine is like a black hole. Not just a regular black hole, but the kind that eats exactly what you need the most and when you need it the fastest...in other words a diaper, some wipes or a change of baby clothes.

So that is where this little idea was born. I am kind of miffed that I didn't think it up when I actually needed these helpful items. Oh well, my genius can help the masses now.

Okay, so on to it.

Here is what you need for the Change O' Clothes Bag
2 coordinating fabrics, each measuring 20"x8" (or if in my case the inside was made of two pieces measuring 8" by 10.5".)
wide decorative ribbon, cut into 2- 8" pieces, and 2- 20" pieces

If you are using two pieces for the inside sew them together first with 1/2" seam allowance just at one short end.

Next, take your outside fabric, find the center which will be the bottom of the bag. Measure about 3-4" from the center line on either side. Pin the ribbon to the right side of the fabric in both places.

 Take the inside and outside of your bag, place them right sides together. Pin in place.

Sew on the outside edges, 1/2" seam allowance. This will make a tube like shape. Press seams down.

Turn bag right side out. Press.

Fold the bag in half, using the center line you used to place the ribbon. Fold with the outside fabric facing itself and the inside fabric facing the outside. You will match the sides you already sewed together at the top. Pin the sides.

Start at the bottom of the bag (the folded edge) and sew the sides together using 1/2" seam allowance. Make sure to stop sewing about an inch and a half from the top. This is where you will put in your ties.

Trim off any excess you may have.

Turn bag right side out.

Sew a casing around the top about an inch from the top. Now you have a place to thread your ties through.

To make the ties, take your longer ribbon strips and iron them in half lengthwise.

Then sew each ribbon along the open ends. This will create two long skinnier ties.

You will thread one in at a time using a safety pin as a guide. Start on the left side, work the ribbon through the front of the bag and then continue to weave through the back. Both ends of the first ribbon will be on the same side. Knot the ends. Next repeat going from the right, around the front through the back and both ends of that ribbon will be on the right side. Knot.

This is how each side should look.

The finished top.

Now you have a little bag for an extra change of clothes for your tiniest one. A perfect companion to both your lovely purse and the Diaper Carryall from yesterday.

Say good bye to the black hole inside your purse!


Anne said...

This is such a great idea!! I shared links to your tutorials on Craft Gossip Sewing:


JoyandTren said...

Adorable! Love!


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