Jul 30, 2011

Project: Road Trip-Pop-O-Matic I Spy

Today's Project: Road Trip comes from an idea I saw a long time ago, forgot about, and then thanks to the world of pinterest, found again. Bet you guys didn't know I like that site, huh???

Ohdeedoh is a delightfully addicting site. This idea came from over there and you can find the original post HERE.

My Little Men love bubble wrap...what kid doesn't! That is why I knew this would be a perfect idea for our long car trip. I just knew I had to make my own version of this travel game. I call mine Pop-O-Matic I Spy.

There are two hard parts of making this game. ONE-thinking up that many things to spy. Two-drawing said things tiny enough to fit behind each bubble and also lining it up. Oohhh I had such a brain cramp trying to come up with enough things to spy. Then actually drawing them...eh-hem...the horse/dog/coyote creature I drew which Oldest was quick to point out did not look like the intended horse it was supposed to be.

After drawing one sheet, I decided I was going to copy it so that each boy could have their own. I also made a much easier Alphabet I Spy.

Once you have your picture sheets, all you need is a sheet of large bubble wrap cut to fit your picture sheet. Attach the bubble wrap with double stick tape.

Then start the fun. They will pop away any time they see any picture on their sheet. Super fun!

Since I am so nice and I now know how much time making one of these sheets takes, I am making the ones I made available to you to download. I only ask one thing...

...NO COMMENTS snidely referring to the ineptitude of my drawing...especially directed at my horse/dog/coyote creation...i mean he has feelings too...


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Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

I've never seen this before! Genius! We have a road trip (nothing compared to your epic adventure) planned next month. I think I may have to use your amazing artwork :)


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