Jul 1, 2011

Re-purposed Shirts for the 4th

So tonight in our neck of the woods is our BIG firework show. I mean BIG...metropolis big. Out of the five years we have lived here, this is only our 3rd time going. Me+my Little Men+large chaotic crowds=panic attack. However, it is such a fun tradition AND my LM love being there. So I put on a happy smiling face, several big breaths and we head on out for the festivities.

Since we are in the "pinching our pennies" phase of moving, I had to improvise the patriotic wardrobes this year. Every shirt I made came from either my stash or their closets.

I shared Oldest's on Wednesday.

The other two came from their closets and I literally just did one thing to each.

Middle's started as a simple polo which has seen many summers.

Little's started as this long sleeve Sunday dress shirt.

All I did to Little's was cut off the sleeves and then hem, to make shorter sleeves. Well then of course I added this homemade bow-tie (which he probably won't wear the night...can you just imagine the crowd wondering which crazy lady put her toddler in a bow tie).

For Middle's I used a small scrap of heat transfer vinyl...my new favorite thing...and put a simple "76"...ya know for 1776...at the top. SO simple, and patriotic enough for the 4th, but totally doable for everyday wear.

I know there are several pictures of Middle, it isn't because I love him more, it is just because he had a great evolution of photos...

forced smile..."mom take the picture already"

gut buster..."mom just said the word boogers"

4 going on 14..."mom don't cry at how handsome and grown up I look"

Just goes to show you, if you search in your closets enough and get creative you can really reuse what you have to make something new. Yeah for not having to spend money!

Amidst all this patriotic sewing, I also busted out a skirt for myself. I cant' wait to show you. I think it turned out quite lovely and I can't wait to wear it tonight to the fireworks. I am hoping my skirt is so cute no one will notice the panic all over my face...hahaha.

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Elizabeth @Port Of Thoughts said...

Your little men are the T Total cutest!
Have a great 4th!



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