Jul 22, 2011

Don't Forget to Keep in Touch

One of the hardest things about moving is leaving behind all of your friends. My friends, our family friends, my children's friends...it stinks. I get a mini panic attack at the thought of leaving them.

We have amazing friends and I really, really want to stay in contact with them. We all hope that, right?

In my desire to keep in contact, I had this idea to leave our friends with our new address and a fun reminder to keep in contact.

I really wanted to play on the "an elephant never forgets" thing. So I bought some peanuts, cellophane snack bags, and white card stock.

Next I attempted to make my own elephant graphic...so didn't work. Then I found this sweet elephant graphic from a link to a baby shower on Tip Junkie. You can find the original downloadable images from Alpa Mom here.

Once I found the elephant graphic I added in the phrase I wanted in coordinating colors. I also printed our new address, email address, and the blog address on the other side. I put some peanuts into the bags, folded over the top and then stapled the cards in place.

This project was an easy labor of love. When they were all done, I put them all in a basket. I took that basket to a little get together our friends threw for us to say good-bye. As I hugged and said "thank you" and "good-bye", I gave them these and made ever single person promise to keep in contact.


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

This is such a cute idea. They look so cute!

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

What a sweet and creative idea! How can your friends not keep in touch now?!

Unknown said...

What a sweet and thoughtful idea!


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