Sep 6, 2011

Family Weekend

One of the great things about our new location is that we are closer to a majority of both of our families. We were so excited to have our first visitors this Labor Day weekend.

My brother and his family came and we had lots of fun. As you can tell by our photo shoot.

They were only here for a few days and one of the things on the must-do list was to visit Bear World. Bear world...well is a place to go and see the name probably gives away.

This park was awesome. You pay to go through a drive through park with mostly Bears. Black and Grizzly. Not only was there this little drive through adventure, but there was also a petting zoo and a little amusement park. ALL which was free with the admission price. All of the kids LOVED it.

First we did the drive through part.

The windows were only down in the part before the bears. They were definitely UP the entire time we were in the bear part.

We were all just piled in my brother's car together. That was one of the more fun parts, that we were all together.

We saw lots and lots of bears. Sometimes they were right up close to the car.

After the bear part, we went and enjoyed the amusement park rides. The boys loved going from ride to ride. The favorites were definitely the cars and the roller coaster.

Our weekend was great. Hopefully this is just the first of many times we will get to hang out with nearby family and play with cousins.

Now for some blog housekeeping-

I know that I have been absence for a really long time. You all of been great and I really appreciate your kinds words during our moving fiasco adventure. Now that it is finally over and we are in our house, a lot of my time is being spent organizing everything. While pretty  much all the boxes are unpacked, walls are still missing pictures, rooms still need to be painted, and several rooms need to be still put together. Basically a lot of work to go.

I know several of you have said that you are excited to see pictures of our new house. I am excited to show you...but I am hating that I might have to show you works in progress. I go a little crazy when a room is not the completed vision I have in my head. I go crazier (what is that possible???) showing people an unfinished room. BUT after a new move and a month of eating out we are on a tight budget...PLUS I am exhausted. SO our house is not going to be how I want it for a little while. Oh well. Eye twitching now....

So today I am going to take a couple pictures of our house. I will show you all some of them tomorrow. Promise!

I have also missed creating and sewing and all that good stuff. Hopefully that will come about soon...but like I said earlier...tight hang in there. We are entering my favorite time of year so I am sure creating will start popping up.

WHEW...sorry for the novel. Basically I could have said...blogging coming back with pictures of unfinished rooms and some eventual crafts/sewing/decorating projects...obviously I am not good at keeping it short and sweet!


Amanda said...

Sounds like a great time! So fun to have family visit.

Holly Wilcox said...

Fun weekend!!! Even if I don't get to see the inside for awhile- I have to tell you the stone and door on the exterior look stunning. I love that style.


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