Sep 27, 2011

Food Contributor: Num Num Mix

Today is the 4th Tuesday of the month. That must mean that I am over at Somewhat Simple for another sweet recipe. Today I am actually over there with at for real SUH-WEET recipe.

No really, if you are hankering for a delightful, sugary, buttery addicting snack that is also easy to make...then head over to Somewhat Simple and get this recipe.

Oh and guess what guys? I have actually taken out my sewing machine. Nothing fancy, but I might share it with you tomorrow.

Thanks guys.
You're the best!
No, really!
You are!


Amanda said...

It might have given me a heart attack just reading it but I'll still be trying it soon! :)

Momofgirls said...

Num Num mix will never be as good without you! I hope you are feeling better and we can catch up soon!


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