Oct 14, 2011

The Falls

We took a little trip to the local falls this week. We went because my very bestest friend...we have known each other since I was 10, so we've known each other a long time...feel free NOT to do the math...anywho...my friend was here visiting for a week.

She is the best.
this picture is a little old...probably should have snapped a new one 

We did a lot of cooking, hanging out, and some more hanging out. I was a little boring this trip with my debilitating baby exhaustion and all. We still had a lot of fun though.

Like this trip over to the falls.

I might covet my friends' camera. She has this lens that I dream of fort-nightly. She snapped some pics of two of the Little Men while we were at the falls.

So cute!

She even snapped a picture of me, prego belly and all. I threatened her with death if she got my every growing fanny in the shot. She listened beautifully!

I hope you guys all notice the absence of snow and the fact that I am not wearing  parka! The weather is still a little chilly, but better than having snow on the ground.

Hope you are all enjoying your Fall weather.


Emily said...

Totally recognize those falls! :)

Amanda said...

Holy cow you're adorable! Glad you got to see her!!

Melanie said...

Okay...first of all....did I miss something? How far along are you? He he he....are you prepared to join the land of "4 boys-hood" or are you feeling vibes of the female persuasion?

Second...your friend is awesome. I remember meeting here on several occasions back at the ol' Wrigley Apts. Friends like that are hard to come by. You are one lucky girl.

Abbie said...

I miss Richelle! We all had such fun together growing up. I should give her a call or something.

Stockhoff Family said...

One of the things that really warms my heart is your friendship with Richelle. You are both amazing women and I love how much you love each other. As a mom it tears me up, or maybe its lack of sleep, no boots you guys.


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