Jan 23, 2012

A Darth Vader Pillow

I know this is my second post on Oldest's Star Wars theme room...I could promise you it will be the last...but uh...that would be false. Hehehe...I am having some fun with this room. I giggled with glee when I finished the Yoda Stay Calm sign, and then I clapped like a little girl when I finished this oh-so-scary Darth Vader throw pillow.

There has been a lot of Star Wars talk around our house lately. My pile of Star Wars themed stuff and ideas is growing. You wanna know what else is growing (no not my belly, I think I have exhausted those jokes for the last couple of days...although it is true)? My Oldest Little Man's excitement for his new room.

exhibit A--pile of stuff 

Oldest waited pretty patiently while I finished his Darth Vader pillow.

He waited while I traced an outline on freezer paper. He waited while I painstakingly cut out Vader's face from black felt. He waited while I slowly sewed on the completed helmet to the pillow front. He waited while I sewed the simple envelope enclosure pillow together.

Then when he got home from school...the completed pillow was waiting front and center for him to see.

Yes, the force is strong with this pillow. It was quite the hit.

You know where else the force is strong?

With our own Littlest Vader.

If you haven't already guessed...the rest of us are the rebels...at least I am sure according to him.

Okay on to another day of room painting...wish me luck!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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Ange said...

We are also working on a Star Wars room here. I am loving your ideas! Some of them may appear in our room!

We have the same Darth helmet and General Grievous. Both are a hit with my little men!

Sheila said...

OH - i can't WAIT to see your completed room! My little man (almost 6 years old) is in LOVE with star wars!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Holly Wilcox said...

you are crazy amazing!!! I can't believe you made that. Looking forward to seeing the whole room!

Holly Wilcox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

This is AWESOME! I have a cousin who is crazy about Star Wars, so she may be getting a Darth Vader pillow sometime :-)


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