Jan 29, 2012

In a Nutshell: Forts, Supers, Villains and HAPPINESS

This is a little how our house looked during the day this week. There was lots of fort building, lots of creating, and lots of Little Men running around. I am still in the middle of my sewing/organizing/re-doing madness, so the Little Men found lots of ways to have fun while I sewed and painted.

As you will notice by the following picture, there were also several days where jammies were worn half, if not the whole day. No one was complaining though.

There were also two days were I couldn't get Middle and Littlest out of their Halloween Supers costumes. I kept meaning to get a picture, but never did. Shoot dang it all. Believe me though it was cute.

My boys LOVE anything Super. In fact this week while Middle was dressed up as Superman I asked him to help me with something. His reply...

"Of course Mom, 'cause Superman is helpful."

Yes, Supers are pretty important in this house...even the aunts got in on the fun this week during a little trip to Target...aka the best store in the universe...aka the store I could drop buckets of money in.

Now as most of us know, where there are Supers there must be Villains. I mean what purpose would the good guy have if there was no bad guy to fight.

Well occasionally the bad guy shows up in our house. This week the bad guy was this villain...

Ooooh. Scary, right?

It was a pretty fun week.

Having boys in the house is never dull or quiet. If I am honest with myself, I wouldn't have it any other way. I just about love all the fort building, Supers vs. Villain fighting, furniture jumping, and dart gun shooting.

They make me happy even when they are making me crazy.

Segway into my HAPPINESS moment.

My kiddos did have several moments of driving me crazy this week. I blame it mostly on my advanced stage of human incubatoritis. By this time of pregnancy I have not been traditionally a chipper person. This pregnancy is no different...in fact it may be worse.

I am older.
I have three crazy kids.
This is my fourth.
My body is tired.
I swear this baby is a giant.
Did I mention I am older?
Well I am older.

This doesn't sound like HAPPINESS yet does it?

Well no, not really.

There were plenty of moments this week when I did not feel happiness and most of it centered on my late stage of pregnancy. However, when I stop though and really think about this pregnancy, I realize I am happy about many things in this pregnancy. If I stop and reflect with gratitude on the blessings I do have in this pregnancy, I can't help but feel peace which does lead to happiness.

So yes, I don't enjoy the last little bit of pregnancy, but I can be happy in recognizing my blessings.

I am healthy.
I can still be active.
I am not on bed rest.
Newest Little Man is active, so I know he is there.
He is healthy.
I have a helpful husband.
I have three healthy boys.
I am a Momma to boys.
Good boys.

I may have to remind myself of this while crying as I struggle to get into a pair of pants...but I am a big believer that being happy is an active state of being. I am learning that in sadness if I try hard to put things into perspective and focus on the good then happiness can evolve.

Then the peace comes.

Perspective follows that.

Then the smile soon follows.

Have a great Sunday everyone. Thanks for letting me share my HAPPINESS journey with you.


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