Jan 20, 2012

Party Styling Contributor

You guys know I love a good party, right? I am always going from one party to ideas for the next. My head is always hoping with what I can do to throw the next fun party for my Little Men.

Well I am lucky enough to have been chosen to be the Party Styling Contributor for the awesome blog Blue Cricket Designs. She has gathered together a bunch of really talented girls, all gifted in different areas, to make one pretty fabulous team of contributors.

I am beyond excited to be a part of this blog and Becca's team. I have some parties coming up and I can't wait to share some of my ideas over there and of course right here too. Head on over to Blue Cricket Designs and check out the other contributors.

AND since I was in the party reflecting kind of mood I thought I would go over some of my past parties and the little addiction love that I have of birthday parties and entertaining. 

I also love myself a good creative party invite.

We can't forget the cakes, cupcakes, and goodies.

Dinosaur Party Cake

Whew. I really do like a good party. I actually feel a little overwhelmed and a whole lot of pressure for this new contributor position. There are so many amazing parties out there and some pretty amazing women throwing these parties. Ulcer! BUT, I am excited to share some of my ideas and to be all legit with my new Party Styling title. Hahaha.

See ya tomorrow everyone. I am SUPER excited to show you my Pinterest project for A Pinteresting Saturday.


Melanie said...

Wow...that is an awesome list of contributors. And you are right there at home with them. Really! Your party ideas are out of this world. I've always been a little jealous...just kidding...sort of.

Stockhoff Family said...

You are some kind of amazing. I think once this wee one is born and life settles down you should go into business!!! Your Mom must have thrown ahhhhhhmazing parties when you were a kid to give you this bug! Oh wait that was me, must have been the LACK of creativity built up like a huge party bomb one day :-D. I will continue to be you biggest fan.


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