Jan 1, 2012

In a Nutshell: A Family Christmas

Me and my siblings
An ENTIRE family picture was taken, but not on my camera

I was lucky enough to have a full house this Christmas. My parents, five siblings, spouses, and their kids all came to help us celebrate the holidays. We haven't all spent a Christmas together since 2000. CRAZY.

The house was full. It was loud. It was fun. Memories were made for sure. I took WAY too many pictures and at the same time not enough. I wanted to share some of them...mostly for my own memories and for that of my family.

Let's recap, shall we...

The single sisters with their brood of nieces and nephews...

We made ourselves lots and lots of cookies.

Christmas Eve morning we continued our tradition of a yarn maze leading to new Christmas books. Littlest was old enough to enjoy the tradition it this year.

His book was in the fridge. He thought that was quite funny.

There was craft time for all the ladies. Thanks to my SIL Allice for all the planning. We had a craftin' good time.

Final craft...

Christmas Eve tradition around here is pizza and rootbeer floats for dinner. There were A LOT of pizzas...but then again we had A LOT of mouths.

My favorite things was probably the nativity program. I had really wanted to do one but was short on time pulling something together. Then miracles of miracles my SIL already had costumes and a program that we could use. PERFECT.

Almost everyone had a little part...those not pictured...Nana and Grandpa the captivated audience, Spencer the narrator, and well myself the photographer.

The little animals were to.die.for.

The bigger animals were also pretty darn cute.

My favorite little Wise Men.

Santa of course came. Ate his cookies and left the boys a thank you note.

Presents for 20 people sure made for an awesome Christmas tree scene.

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year were lucky to get to go to Church. The early risers opened their stockings before getting ready for Church...but the presents waited until we got home.

Parents were up and dressed for Church way before the little ones.

Church was wonderful. It was so great to be a part of a wonderful worship service centered on our Savior on the day that celebrates His birth.

After Church we all came home...except I had to go back after inadvertently leaving Hubby and Littlest at the church ( I thought they were coming with someone else...hahaha).

We snapped a family photo with the boys all in their matching ties/bow tie.

Then most of us changed back into jammies and then the presents were opened. Whew was that insane!

All presents were appreciated and enjoyed...although none probably as mush as Aunt Natalie and her boyfriend/fiancee pillow.

We had a great time gathered as family. We filled our living room. All the little families sat together opening the special things they had gotten each other. Nana and Grandpa sat slightly in the background, I am speculating in awe, watching and enjoying seeing how their family has grown.

I am grateful that they all could come. I am grateful for how hard they all worked to take care of so many things so my large pregnant self didn't have too. I am grateful for a family that is close and enjoys so many memories together.

It was a Christmas to remember and a great way to round out the year 2011.


Melanie said...

That is totally awesome! AWESOME memories, even if chaotic. Ours was just opposite. Quiet as can be (or, as quiet as 4 boys can be...you just wait...he he). I'm interested in the boyfriend/fiance pillow...do explain. :)

Natalie said...

Just to let you know that pillow is doing a mighty good job at keeping me warm. It's... I mean HIS single arm is really good at holding me tight at night. I miss your guts already...thanks for being a great hostess.

Stockhoff Family said...

It was an amazing Christmas! Thanks for the pictures. Love you Mom and Dad

Amanda said...

so fun! Glad you had a great time.

Kat said...

What a lovely recap of your Christmas, thank you for sharing! My kiddos are all grown, so I miss the excitement expressed by little ones. So enjoy your blog, thank you for your generous spirit in sharing your love of quilting and family!

Kat in BC

Adrienne said...

wow, that was such a great post. it's funny how when i worked with your mom at Straw Hat in Carson when i was a teenager i never knew she had 6 children. when your little sisters would come in sometimes they were little, ha-ha. your parents did such a great job with their kids and now look at all of their family..so awesome :-)

Strollerblader said...

Awesome! What a great post to catch up with all the Stockhoffs! Good to know that Nat has a new man in her life, even though they are already sleeping together!

Your little baby belly is very cute!


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