Feb 5, 2012

In a Nutshell: Canning, Beef, Coupons

So...um...I am a super late in posting this today. I am running behind in a couple things lately, but I have decided to embrace it. All my running slower is for a very good reason, so I am not going to let it bother me...most the time anyway...hahaha.

I was pretty productive at the beginning of this week and there was a second round of pressure cooking canning at our house. Since my first attempt at the end of Summer with beans went without anything blowing up, I decided that I could give it another go.

I washed the jars and got the lids ready...aren't they so cute and country looking?

I loaded in my canning ingredient. Then I loaded up the pressure cooker.

With a little more confidence I got it locked and loaded and started. I am still a little unsure of everything so when it took a little longer and didn't go exactly like I thought it should, there may have been tears and a frantic call to Hubby and a friend.

No worries though, all worked out. About an hour and half later I had 16 jars all canned and sealed.

So are you wondering what I canned?

No judging...

No seriously, do not judge me.

I canned chicken...say what?!? Yup that is right I canned chicken!

I was totally skeptical when I first heard about canning chicken. I have a friend who had done it and when I spent the afternoon at her house we used a can to make chicken salad sammies. Well, they were just about the most delightful thing. The chicken was awesome. Once I got past how it looked in the jar, I let the taste of the yummy chicken convince me to give it a try.

Luckily I tried this chicken and made the decision right before getting a huge pick up of chicken from a company called Zaycon Foods. PS Thanks to my friend Melanie for introducing us to this company! If you do head on over, we get a referral bonus, so either click on the link above or you can enter LarissaZ in the referred by section when you register. Thanks for sharing the bulk meat love!

I will have to give a little rundown on this company soon.

This is our second time ordering the chicken. This time we were also able to put in an order of ground beef. Forty pounds of 93/7 for $2.99 a pound. YEAH.

So after I canned some of the chicken, prepared and stored the rest, I had to split up the beef into 1 lb portions and store. AND if any of you were wondering if I was going to can the beef...um no. Word on the street is you can...however I felt that my adventures in chicken were enough for now.

So after a day of chicken and beef I was all meat-ed out. I did feel a lot of accomplishment though.

In saving money and frugality fashion, we have also lightly  reinstated this little chore...

Oh couponing...how I am not a huge fan of you. However, our large stock up pile has severely depleted since we moved. So we decided to start up again. We did our first couple shopping trips this week and while we definitely will not qualify for "Extreme Couponing" ever anytime soon, we have stocked up some things again and it feels good.

I have good intentions of showing you guys some projects this week. I have some Valentine printables to share. Maybe a room reveal or two. I am starting to work on Oldest's party projects.

BUT we will see...I can't predict when I am going to need to sit down, chill, and let the only project be growing this tiny human in my belly. Six weeks to go and man am I feeling it.

See ya soon everyone!


The Gibson's said...

I can canned jam with a friend and that is about it! I would love to can more, but need a canner/pressure cooker. Couponing is one thing I do, do!!! LOVE it. I just stocked up last week as I have been busy and had not shopped in a few weeks. Good look with coupons, here in AZ it's great because they generally double at all four grocery stores that are competing for my business!

M. Jorgensen said...

Ok, so i just got caught up since Christmas on your blog....want to be bff's? hahah i'm dieing at how talented you are, i need help! teach me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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