Feb 22, 2012

My First Quilt-In Process

Over a year ago...take or give a couple of months, I decided that I wanted to make a quilt for Oldest when it came time for his baptism. It seemed so far away. So, so far away.

Then before I knew it we were only a couple of months away. BUT, I still was like, "Self, you still have time to whip out a totally intimidating never before done project."

Then before I knew it months passed and I still had not even started said quilt.

With everything going on, I pretty much decided not to attempt it.

Then in a moment of sheer insanity and complete delusion...I get those a lot...I decided to go ahead and just make one.

I chose a pretty simple pattern...which helped for sure.

I have now whipped out the front (above).

I have whipped out the back.

I have even stitched a little personalized  message to Oldest.

Alas, I am at the hardest and probably most likely part to cause mistakes and tears...

I have to stitch the quilt together and then AHHHH...bind it.

I have got a little over a week. I can do it...I can do it...right????

In between sewing breaks I am also working on a couple other little projects for his big day.

Including a polaroid-type photo wall. Here are just three of the pictures I have chosen.

I will let you know I pretty much teared up while going through past pictures. I think a Momma forgets how quickly and how much their little ones grow up until she goes through all the past pictures.

Where does the time go?

I am also working on the Harry Potter post as well as some Harry Potter Party tutorials. Hopefully you will see them next week!


Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

Your quilt top and bottom look great. I love the fabric you chose and that you threw a little color in there.

I've quilted for years and the quilting and binding was always my least favorite part. Then a few months ago I discovered basting spray. I definitely recommend it. It's an adhesive spray you find in the quilting section that holds your layers together really well without having to put it on a quilting frame or use a ton of safety pins. Then you can either machine quilt it (on a regular sewing machine) or tie it. If you want more details about it let me know and I'll email you.

Melia said...

Do you have a wonder woman cape that you wear as you whip up all of these amazing projects?

I love coming to see what your creative mind does next.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Polly, I will have to remember that for next time. This time I am already pinned and started.

Melia...a cape...I don't wear one of those, but a straight jacket...why yes, yes I do!

Stockhoff Family said...

Yes,a Momma does tear up when she realizes how fast they grow up. The quilt looks so amazing. I am really proud if you!

Nyree said...

Amazing my friend!!! Wish I could get my lines to match up as perfect as yours!!

Corrie- said...

What a beautiful quilt, you have such an eye for fabric!


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