Feb 7, 2012

Dinosaur Valentine Printables

Dinosaurs are a big deal out our house...with three boys I know you are shocked! So this year I decided to make dinosaurs a part of Valentine's Day.

I found these adorable teeny tiny dinosaurs at The Mart (refresher...this is how I refer to Walmart) in the party favor aisle. Around the same time I saw a pin for THIS. Combine both and I came up with an idea for my own Valentines.

First I had to make sure I knew how Dinosaurs actually said Happy Valentine's Day. So I went ahead and asked them...

I found out RAWR pretty much covers it all. Whew...good to know.

Then I went into Picnik and made up some of my own cards using all of their free editing tools. On a side note...anyone else devastated that they are closing up shop? I am starting to have a mini panic attack about it all. Supposedly they are moving everything to Google+, but I am a little leery that it is going to work the same. Maybe I will be surprised. 

Okay, sorry for the side rant. Back to the cards.

These are the cards I made.
Please feel free to click on picture and save to your computer.

I cut up sammie bags and sewed them into smaller bags. I dropped one of the teeny tiny dinos inside each bag and then sewed the bag to the bottom of the card.

I think they are super stinkin' cute.

Twenty-four cards later I was frazzled, but their cuteness rating remained high.

Now Oldest is ready for his school Valentine's party. All he has to do is sign his name.

Happy Valentine's card making!

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Sharon said...

these are great!! Pefect for my little boy for school.

Adrienne said...

wow, what a neat idea :-)

Melanie said...

These are VERY VERY CUTE!!!!!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

My son is going to love these! He is really into dinosaurs right now.

Thanks for sharing!

[in training] julie b said...

Thank you! My son and I already purchased mini dinos for his valentines to hand out and I've been trying to figure out when/how to make the tags. This is perfect!

Michelle said...

Way cute!!!

Corrie- said...

These are adorable! I love that it's an alternative to candy,and the sewn bags are too cute. Thumbs up from Ohio!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks guys!!! Glad you like them.

Nyree said...

not only did you have to go and make a darling printable, but you seriously sewed them?! Your creativity and ingenious drives me crazy girl!! Love ya

Kellie said...

These are too cute. Many thanks :)

Unknown said...

visiting via a link on the 36th avenue. thanks for sharing this printable!! such a great idea! :)

Rhonda @ home.made. said...

This is such a great idea - especially since the schools won't allow candy anymore! Thanks for sharing!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Larissa, this is SO cute!! So perfect for a little boy's valentines!! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!


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