Feb 11, 2012

A Pinteresting Saturday: Onesies and a Teeny Tiny Hat

I took a much needed break from house sewing and party planning to make a little something for our Little Something. Right away when I saw the project for this chervon onesie I knew I was going to make one for Bean. 

My need to make this onesie was only solidified when I found some newborn leggings I liked AND when I found an old t-shirt that could be utilized to finish of an entire homecoming outfit. 

Of course, all of this was inspired by this amazing little chevron onesie tutorial.

chevron stripes applique

I gathered all of my materials and then also decided I needed to add a teeny tiny hat for Bean's head. When I found this, I pinned it right away adding it to my project list.

teeny tiny hats
First, how cute is this baby????

I happily got to work. I gathered my onesies.

Found the felt I wanted.

Before I made the chevron onesie from the tutorial, I got the idea to make one that would match these little pants.

I loved the gray and green. I LOVED the little green elephant.

So I had to make a larger replica to go on the front of the onesie.

Teeny elephants and larger elephant match wonderfully.

Next I moved on to the chevron onesie. I did do one thing differently. I knew our Bean was going to come when the weather was still a bit nippy outside. So I decided to take that old t-shirt I mentioned and to make it long sleeved.

I don't get giddy-clap-my-hands-and-giggle over tons of projects, but I tell you what...

The sleeves on this onesies once paired with the chevron and I was a clapping and giggling fool.

Then I used the rest of the t-shirt to make a double-knotted beanie from the above pinned tutorial.


So now Newest Little Man will have two cozy outfits.

This charming elephant number.

And my favorite, this chevron one in which he will be coming home in.

I am totally addicted to making these little outfits. Now I just need to go through my massive box of clothes to repurpose and see what other tees I can find.

Isn't Pinterest the best and most addicting thing ever? If you want to see some of my other potential projects, feel free to check out my Pinterest page. AND if you want to see my list grow feel free to follow my Pinterest page and watch the insanity.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Samantha {Moody Mama} said...

I'm in love!

I am only 11weeks into this pregnancy and I'm pinning stuff all over the place! I'm very much considering reteaching myself to sew to do more DIY for the nursery! These little outfits are definitely motivation!

Michelle said...

So darling!!! You are amazing. I just look at the pictures and think "oh how cute" and then I go pass out on the couch with pregnancy induced exhaustion and never do anything!

Adrienne said...

the 2nd outfit is my favorite...so darn cute. those are great :-)


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