Mar 26, 2012

Changing Pad and Wipes Case Cover Tutorial part 1

While we are on break cuddling and snuggling Bean, 
I thought I would share some of the things
I did to prepare for him to come.



So I found this oh-so-stinkin'-cute handbag and immediately decided it was going to be my new diaper bag. I have used the same $10 diaper bag for all three of the older boys. It has definitely seen better days. I decided that I could splurge a little on this happy little owl bag for this last baby. PLUS I can use it as a regular bag when Bean is old enough not to have an arsenal of baby supplies toted everywhere we go.

The bag is  Kate Landry bag...not like I know what that means...hahaha. I got it HERE.

Since this isn't meant to be a diaper bag I decided I needed a couple of accessories for inside the diaper bag.

I made a changing pad and a wipes case cover.

Originally I made the wipes case to simply hold loose wipes. I lined the sucker with vinyl and everything. ALAS, the moisture from the wipes still leaked through a little and the outside fabric got wet. The good news is that the little wipes pouch perfectly pockets a small wipes case. So wipes went into the case, case went into the fabric cover, and fabric stayed dry. 

Today I am going to show you how to make the changing pad. Tomorrow I will share the simple wipes case cover.

What you will need:

2 rectangles of coordinating fabric, 17" x 13"
piece of vinyl, 17" x 13"
biased tape, either homemade or store bought
thread in coordinating colors

used this tutorial for biased tape from MADE.

First iron inside fabric into thirds, you can see not evenly. The middle should measure about 7" across. 4" on the one side and 6" on the other. Fold it right side up and into it will be once it is assembled.

Lay this fabric inside the outside fabric with wrong sides facing. then iron the outside fabric following the inside already ironed folds.

Unfold. Place the vinyl onto the top of the inside fabric, the outside fabric should be directly under the inside fabric. Again, wrong sides facing. Pin the vinyl in place. When you pin the vinyl in place, pin as little as possible because the vinyl will not hide the holes.

Once the vinyl is pinned in place, sew the vinyl, the inside, and the outside fabric together by sewing directly in the folds. So you will sew in two places. I used a thread that coordinated with the biased tape. Sorry, no picture of this step...oops.

Next, place the one piece of velcro to the the inside fabric on top of the vinyl, but not through to the outside fabric.

Match placement of the other velcro piece to the outside fabric. Pin to just the outside fabric.

Sew in place (hey now you can kind of see where I sewed in the folds...)

Now take your biased tape and attach all the way around the edges.

Once the biased tape is sewn completely in are done.

Now it is all ready to throw in the diaper bag. Now I am all prepared to diaper a little bum.

How cute are these diapers?!?

Okay tomorrow I will show you how to whip this case out. Super easy.

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