Mar 28, 2012

Oldest's Baptism

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we had our mono/strep saga? It all happened just days before we were to share a special day with our Oldest. We had been planning and preparing for his baptism day for our church.

We were worried that this illness was going to put things off. We had family coming/already there. Then of course there was the whole Bean was coming soon and when would we reschedule.

Luckily with a lot of prayer Oldest's recovered quickly from his illness and he was able to still participate in his special day on March 3rd. He was baptized by his dad. We were also able to have a lot of family members there to share in this day with him. Sadly Middle had to stay home with a family friend because he was just days behind Oldest in the sickness department.

Oldest was a trooper even though he was still a bit tired. We were so proud of him for being baptized. We know, like us, he will always remember this day.

Gramps and Oldest

Gramps, Nana, and Oldest

Aunt Kenzie and Oldest

Papa, Gram, and Oldest

The Family minus Middle

Those who came but were not photographed:

Aunt Natalie
Aunt Melissa and Uncle Scott
Uncle Kirk


Tasha said...

Congratulations on such a special day! My oldest has his in May and I am so excited for it, as is he. I loved seeing all the pictures. He looked just handsome and so happy. I am glad he was able to get better so he could still do it the weekend you were planning.

Melanie said...

That is so awesome. Prayers are answered.

Congrats to "Oldest"....I cant' believe our boys have grown up so quick. Ahhhh....I miss the Wrigley days. :)

Amanda said...

Great pictures! He looks so old! :)

M. Jorgensen said...

He is such a good boy! Ps: you should post some pics of his quilt, we never got to see the end result! Hope your still doing awesome!!

Stockhoff Family said...

He is going to be such a heartbreaker! Well he already is I hear but lets pretend the girls haven't noticed hime quite yet!!! He is such a great example to all of his brothers and cousins.

Stephanies Swamp said...

congradulations on your oldest!


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