Mar 12, 2012

Sunshine: The Perfect Cure All

Between illnesses, late-stage pregnancy, and all of life's normal stresses that seem to come up when we least need them to, it has been a rough couple of weeks.

I have really been trying to grin and bear my way through it, but being large and super uncomfortable with this pregnancy has made it a little hard. I have not been the perfect example of cheer and delight lately.

On Friday, the perfect cure all came in the form of a bright and sunny day. A pretty rare treat for these parts.

I decided to gather up all the boys (Oldest had the day off of school), make some picnic lunches, and head out to a local park.

Funny enough just getting everyone to the park proved a difficult task and fit right in with the week we had been having. BUT I am happy to say we persevered and after a quick park relocation and some tears (mine and the boys) we finally got out of the car and got to playing in the glorious sunshine.

Yes a good sun-shiney day really can fix anything.

Now if the sun could just encourage Bean to come...okay so I am not 100% ready, so I guess he can stay in a couple more days...


Maggie and Sheepie said...

Great belly shot! Good luck on the final few days.

Amanda said...

Ben and I just got sad at how big the boys have already gotten! LOVE the little boy haircuts.

Melanie said...

Ah...vitamin D does wonders for the psyche doesn't it.

I hope he come soon...for your sake.


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