Jul 27, 2012

4 Months

I think we are getting the hang of this being a family of 6 thing.

Four months in and no casualties. Victory.

Of course it helps that Bean is a pretty good baby. AND of course it helps the the other Little Men are only marginally crazy.

Yes, we are hanging in there. Bean is pretty special to all of us and we are grateful he is part of our family.

He laughs and smiles more than any of the other boys. He also seems to be a little more active, if that is possible to know at this point. We think he might be starting the teething process already. We love staring into his ultra baby blue eyes. We have determined that he truly does look like Middle. We will see if that continues.

He knows to sleep if it is dark outside, so I kind of can't wait until fall and winter when it starts getting darker sooner...shock...did I really just wish Summer away? Why, yes, yes I did.

These monthly updates have been fun to do. They let me see what stays the same and what changes each month. I wonder what will happen this next month?

1 comment:

Melanie said...

He is so very cute! Has it been 4 months already?


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