Sep 19, 2012

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Magnetic Fridge Puzzle

Between the hours of 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm in our house is a period of time I like to call the witching hour.

Does this happen in your house?

About 4:30 the natives come up and are a little restless. They are carrying pitchforks and torches...okay more like Nerf guns, but you get the picture of insanity I am painting.

In the Chaos I have to repeat the same conversation over and over and over and OV-AH again.

Middle: "Mom I am starving!"
Mom: "Great! I am making dinner right now."
Little: "I need something to eat with my teeth."
Mom: "Perfect. Making dinner."
Middle: "Mahhhhm. I am STARRRRRVING! I need food now."
While climbing through the panty Little: "I want a treat."
Mom: "Nope. Making dinner."

Repeat conversation.
Pulling my hair out.
Repeat conversation again.

So when I came across THIS PIN while searching my For The Kiddos pinboard for this weeks A Pinteresting Wednesday candidate, well let's just say there was some major celebrating. By celebrating I mean, clapping my hands ever so quietly since Bean was asleep.

So the project seemed easy enough.

Take a puzzle. Luckily we have several sitting around.

Grab some sticky back magnets. Again, lucky me I had some laying around.

You will probably want to make sure all the puzzle pieces are there. That is some kind of miracle at our house.

Cut up the magnet strips, one for each puzzle piece.

Peel the paper off the magnet pieces, adhere to puzzle pieces by pressing the sticky side of the magnet to the back side of the puzzle piece firmly.

I was prompted to take the whole project a little further when I had the sudden horrifying image of puzzle pieces scattered about and sliding under the fridge. Poor puzzle pieces. In my head they had no home to go to.

I am not sure why it became imperative for magnetic fridge puzzle pieces to have a home, but it did.

So I made them one out of their existing box.

I cut a rectangular chunk out of the top, so the picture is right side up and facing the front.

Then I took the bottom of the puzzle box and cut it in half.

I hot glued the bottom into the box top like so.

Next I rounded up some stronger little magnets.

Then I hot-glued them to the back.

Then I stuck it strategically on the fridge to snare all ravenous natives.

And what do you know?

Victory. It worked.

Food-seeking rampage averted.

One pretty fun activity completed.

The Magnetic Fridge Puzzle was a hit. The only slit bump in complete puzzle fun was that sometimes the pieces were hard to get together without the piece popping off the fridge. That is when a little Momassistance was needed.

When the puzzle was done, dinner was pretty close to being done as well.

Plus Middle was so happy with finishing the puzzle by himself he didn't even notice he was STARVING anymore.

I am thinking there will be more Magnetic Fridge Puzzles in our future.


Lisa said...

What a great idea! My oldest thinks he can make the food cook faster if he watches it cook asking if it is done yet. My middle is always trying to climb on the cabinets or the fridge...making me have to stop what I am doing to redirect him! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be trying this one! :)

Adrienne said...

WOW, what a cool idea! gonna have to try this out soon. my 3 and 5 year old love doing puzzles like that and magnetic ones would be even better. thanks for sharing!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Lisa, that is funny how much alike kids are. I guess they all want dinner sooner than we can whip it out.

Adrienne, if they are like my boys, they will love it.

Adrienne said...

of course i would have to make room cuz my fridge is usually always covered with my kids' artwork, ha-ha. i made your chocolate chip 'bumpkin' bread recipe and we will try it 2nite! can't how my house smells like pumpkin now :-)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

"bumpkin" ahh, that made me laugh.

Adrienne said...

now this will really make you laugh...shows how inexperienced i am with baking or doing anything with pumpkin (this bread was my first time, ha-ha). i really thought it was 'bumpkin' kidding. i had it on my list, hubby saw it and said we should look that up cuz it must be some weird ingredient and might be hard to find. he looked it up and came downstairs and told me that you must have made a typo and it must really be 'pumpkin'. we had a good laugh over that, ha-ha. felt so silly after that, but you never know..there's some weird named ingredients out there, lol.


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