Sep 4, 2012

Twill Parachute Clip Boy's Belt: Tutorial

When it came time to get my boys' ready for school, that meant putting together their first day of school outfits.

In years past, since I only had one to buy clothes for, I would get something new specifically for the first day (okay maybe I got something new for the first SEVERAL days). This year I had two kiddos to buy for. So buying a bunch of new stuff really wasn't a financial possibility.

So I tried really hard to get creative mixing and matching items that were new and items that I already had in the closet.

I mentally put together Oldest's first day outfit in my head. I was pretty happy with the outfit idea except I really wanted a gray twill belt. I looked a little here and there, but I could never find it. Since I was still trying to be budget conscious, I also wasn't willing to scour for it.

If I found it and it was cheap than I would buy it.

I didn't find it cheap or expensive.

When I was telling some friends my woes, one of them laughed and said, "Uh I am sure you can just whip one up!"

We all had a good chuckle at my obsession with just "whipping" stuff up.

Then in my head I was like, "DUH! Why don't I just whip one up?"

And the Twill Parachute Clip Belt was born.

This belt is ridiculously easy to make and just as ridiculously cheap.

Here is what you need:

twill belting (enough to go around your little guy's waist with extra...I just bought a yard)
1 Parachute Clip
coordinating thread

I bought my belting and the clip at The Mart. I think altogether I spent $2.50 for it all. You can get belting and the clip at a major sewing store too.

After measuring the waist you are belting add on a good 5-8"...when in doubt get extra.

Loop one end through the loop of the first buckle piece (the female piece). Pull through with a couple of inches of excess.

Then take the other end of the twill belting and put it through the other piece of the buckle (you can see I had a bunch of excess).

Trim off excess on this end, leaving just a couple of inches.

Now take your handy dandy lighter/match/campfire...kidding about using a campfire...don't do it!


With your lighter, melt the ends of the belting. This will keep it from fraying.                                

Now you will want to attach the twill together on one side. 

I choose the side with the female buckle piece.

I sewed the belting in place with three rows of messy zig zag stitching.

Now the belt has one end secure and one end that can be tightened or loosened.

Belt done. Money saved. 

Outfit complete.

Oh happy day.


Stockhoff Family said...

So serious question, how old do you think someone could wear one of those? Honey I will say again that I am so proud of you and to be your Mom. You teach me new things everyday!

Leigh Anne said...

That is just perfect! My 5yo could use one for sure. Just wanna make sure he can undo it quick when it is time to potty :) Way to make it work! And your model is soooo handsome too!


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