Sep 26, 2012

A Pinteresting Wednesday: Planning an Avengers Birthday

Have you missed me, er uh I mean me blogging?

Just humor me and tell me that you have. Humor me and tell me that I am a bright and shiny spot in your day and that you have missed my wit and effervescent personality.

Needy much?

Yup, it is the truth.

Today I am not even sharing a completed Pinterest project for this A Pinteresting Wednesday. Shock. Gasp.

I feel like I am in the beginning/middle of a hundred different projects. Not a single one of them are complete. Ugh.

The majority of my projects right now are all about The Avengers. Very fitting don't you think since the movie just came out. LOVE hunky superheros the movie.

In a few weeks there we will be calling the Avengers to assemble out our house for the celebration of Middle's birthday. This theme was a last minute change and I am loving it.

I had a couple of ideas, but when I needed some more I knew right where to go.

PINTEREST, the party planners friend. Not only can I search for ideas, but when I find ideas on the internet I can pin them to my Avengers Party board. I add to this board quite often.

 Thanks to my board I am in the process of making some Avengers felt masks, popsicle stick bookmarks, and a puzzle. I also am now really trying to justify why I need to buy the full-sized cut out of Captain America. Plus I am pretty sure I have to buy several sets of the Avengers Pez containers.

I am also working on the decorations. I grabbed some of this really fun fabric.

I am deciding on which colors to decorate with, you know how I like good color themed decorations. I am excited on how all my ideas are going to play out...the ones that get done anyway...hahaha.

I have a whole list of party games in my head. Now all I need is a BUNCH of cardboard to make it work. Anyone want to give me some???

That last thing I am contemplating for this party is if I should do lunch. This add in my Sunday mailer may have sealed the deal. Do you think I can buy them now and freeze these for the party?

Could you just die??

I am super excited. Hopefully I will get everything in my head done. I have a lot of projects to do and a lot of things to show you...not just all Avengers.

Thanks for hanging around. I sure appreciate every single reader.


Jenn said...

I just made those masks for a superhero birthday gift! Thank goodness for Pinterest!

The Gibson's said...

I have a super hero lover too, and for his 6th b-day I found the CUTEST heros thumb war wrestlers. They are little thumb covers for when you play thumb war. Too cute, I have about 10 left as my super hero is a summer b-day and all his "friends" didn't come...lame as he went to every party he was invited to. Next year I will combine with older brother in May. We are doing a Harry Potter theme and I can't wait to use all your ideas!!! I love your blog, wish I was as motivated as you. This weekend is little girls party and I have yet to do much. It's just TOO hot!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Seriously, what did we do before Pinterest...hahaha...

Thumb war wrestlers sound awesome!

Melanie said...

Oh...the pizza boxes are so cool. And...absolutely, buy them now. We always do that with the Costco pizzas when they go on sale.

Emily said...

Do you read the blog ? She just did a whole post on an avengers party and she did buy those pizzas from Walmart.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

That is it, pizzas I shall buy! Thanks Emily I will go check out that blog now.


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