Sep 2, 2012

In a Nutshell: Housiversary, Preschool, and Pears


We have now had our 1 year Housiversary.

The year has been quite eventful. Most notably, the addition of a child.

We have had a wonderful year and have all adjusted well to our move. We have spent the year filling our new home with memories and making it our own. We are still in the process of hanging pictures up...not kidding folks, I still have many a bare wall. However, we have done redone four rooms...all while I was LARGE with child.

Our boys love our new home and have made many friends. Our neighborhood is just marvelous and the best if I do say so. I can't believe how much they have grown in this last year.


Crazy right??? Did anyone notice that Little doesn't look like he has grown much...hahaha. We are still waiting for him to hit is growth spurt.

This week was also the first week of school. Not just for the older two, which I wrote about HERE, but also for Little.

We haven't done a legit preschool before. I was always on the fence about that fact that I was able to do it at home weighed with the cost that preschool can have. For many reasons, we decided preschool would be a good thing for Little.

He has been so excited and was quite disappointed that he didn't get to start school the same day as the older two.

On his first day he was super duper excited.

He got his very own first day of school photo shoot via Mom.

He wasn't very happy about it at first.

He was upset that I was cutting into his preschool time.

He perked up quickly when I told him just a few more and then we would head off to preschool.

I got to go with him for the first day, and let's just say I was amazed and astounded at the very lovely preschool he is able to go to.  I am happy to know the teacher, happy that it is so close, and happy that he has his very bestest friend in class with him.

I am so excited for him.

With 3 out of the 4 starting school, I was looking forward to some extra quite and peace this week. I even thought for a minute that I might get to sit on my fanny for a minute.


I forgot that I had 40+ pounds of these lovelies.

When I canned peaches a couple of weeks ago with my mom and sister, my mom informed me that canning peaches was no big deal, it was pears she hated to can.

Really, I thought. Worse than the sticky mess that was canning peaches?


Who would have thought it. They were worse.

I may never want to peel another pear. Well at least until next summer. I think that will be enough time for me to have repressed the memory.

Over two days and with the help of my magnificent husband we turned all those pears into 80+ pints of canned goodness.

I can definitely say that the result was worth the trouble.

I love seeing my growing supply of canned goods. They taste better than store bought and they are cheaper. Plus there is something to be said for seeing all those jars and saying, "Dude! I totally did that!"

Have a marvelous Sunday!


My Recent Favorite Books said...

Your boys are getting so big!
What cute photos!

The pears look so good, great job on canning them!

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thanks Melissa!!!

Amanda said...

You are a canning machine!


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