Apr 9, 2013

Printing on a Lunch Sack

Printing on lunch sacks is one of my new favorite ways to create my own cute packaging.

I first did printed on lunch sacks for our teacher Brownie Points Valentine's.

I have used it several times since...it is AHHHHdicting.

Most recently I made these take-home bags for Little's Charlie Brown Birthday Party. Through a little bit of trial and error I have worked out a method of printing on lunch sacks that works out pretty well for me.

Today I am sharing my handy dandy method of printing on a lunch sack.

The very first step of course is creating the image you will use on the lunch sack.

I created this image by using an image of Charlie Brown and adding the text and word bubble in the online photo editing program PicMonkey.

I saved it to my computer.

Then I opened up a Word document. I edited the margins to the narrow setting.

Insert the image into your document. You will want it justified left. The image will most likely need to be shrunk down a tad to make sure it fits on the bag. You will also want to move the image down a tad.

Now, if you print the bag now, the image would be facing the wrong way. So you need to flip it.

First, under page layout go to the ROTATE icon. Flip the image vertically. If there is any writing it will be as if you are looking in a mirror.

So the last step is to ROTATE the image HORIZONTALLY.

Now the image is upside down and facing the proper way.

To actually print the image on the bags, first grab some lunch sacks. For this project I used white bags.

You will want the "bottom" of the bag to face the top and the "bottom flap" of the bag to face you.

Load the lunch sack into your printer with the "bottom" facing up.Move the slider in the printer over so it rest right against the edge of the lunch sack (you know like when you print on an envelope).

Now all you have to do is print it off.

I do recommend doing a trail run first. Sometimes the printer has a hard time feeding the bag through. No matter how many times I have done it, there is still a little bit of trail and error. You might have to move your image up or down to get it right were you want it.

Once it comes out perfect, just keep printing until you have all your bags.

I had fun adding these Charlie Brown Chevron Sugar Cookies to my freshly printed Charlie Brown take-home party bags.

I tied them up with a little strip of fabric. Then they waited patiently until the end of the party until it was time to go home with our cute and happy party guests.

I pretty much promise that once you try this, you will use this technique all the stinking time. You might even come up with gifts you can give out just so that you can print on some more bags.

You probably should just go buy lunch sacks in bulk.

Just sayin'.

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Ashley said...

Such a fun idea!

Marisa said...

That is such a cute idea. I love Charlie Brown. Thanks for the tutorial. I found you on The 36th Avenue and I am a new follower. Come on over and follow me too.

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...


Rita said...

What a cute idea! Thanks for the tutorial, Will be using this for future parties. Thanks for linking up.


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