May 1, 2013

A Pinteresting Wednesday: A Cinderella Apron

Woohoo. Another A Pinteresting Wednesday is upon us!

I have had quite a long list of "want-to-accomplish" items from my pinboards for several weeks. I had lofty ambitions to bust a bunch of them out. Several of them are in the B-U stage of being BUSTED out.

AKA, they are started but not close to being finished. Hahaha, short and unfinished story of my life as of late.

This little project was an immediate put on list, go buy fabric, and sew in an afternoon. I originally saw a pin of this awesomely girly array of these princess aprons created by Giggleberry.

I pinned it to my Gifts for Others board.

We have a oh-so-sweet neighbor girl who just happens to be Little's bestest friend. We had previous bought her the cutest tea set from IKEA and had been holding on to it for her birthday.

After seeing these aprons, I decided she needed to have a Cinderella apron to go with her tea set.

Here is a little known fact about yours truly...

All through my preteen and teenage years, I collected Cinderella items.

I loved the movie AND I loved Cinderella. I kind of wanted to be her and was majorly bummed out when I found out that there was a height requirement to be a Disney Princess at Disneyland. My meager 5'5" height was not fitting the 5'7" requirement.

Dreams dashed.
How was I supposed to meet Prince Charming? (That one ended up working out for me even without Disneyland).

Fast forward a few years...or a few ten...

Now I had all of this Cinderella stuff and not a single Little Lady in our home. I very happily went through it and passed it on to our cute little neighbor girl.

Now she has one more thing for her pile of Cinderella stuff.

There was no tutorial for the apron. I just kind of made it up as I went a long. I mostly like how it turned out. I made the "skirt" part wider than the "bodice" part of the apron. In theory I thought that would be better that way so that it looked more like a skirt.

I think I will tweek it a little more next time. I will probably have the skirt and top meet up better.

Even with the little imperfections and the differences in look from Giggleberry's aprons, I still like how it turned out. I have plans (and fabric) to make more. Aurora is next on the list, so little girl cousins be prepared.

I am also dying to try and recreate her Ariel one. LOVE it.

I made a little gift tag with one of the main themes from Cinderella. It also happens to be one of my favorite Disney songs and a song I have sung repeatedly to all of my babies.

Apron done and present ready to give to one of the cutest little princesses we know.

This was a really fun and easy project. I look forward to making more princess aprons.

One more Pinterest projects knocked off the list. Yippee!

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Thanks for reading!


Jen said...

I love that! Do cute. :)

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Totally made me think of Miss B. I think she needs one!

Jessica Boling said...

Super cute! My 3 year old LOVES princesses. I may have to put this on my never ending to-do list.


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